Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Full in All the Good Ways

Oh heavens yes, there is another loom stuffed into my studio. If Imelda Marcos had a loom closet this is what it might look like.

 Actually, hers would probably be much bigger, amazing what stolen millions will do. .......

I am blaming friend Cindie, for letting me sit at her Macomber for a few minutes on a recent visit. Who knew a jack loom could be so smooth and have such big shed? And lets not forget my proclivity for wanting to try out as many looms as I can.

Anyway, this one appeared magically (don't they always?) and DH only had to travel down to Ashland to get it. It was delivered into the studio the Tuesday before Christmas and has been dubbed St. Nick.

He has 12 shafts, 14 treadles, 2 back beams ( plain and sectional), and weighs about 300 lbs. This is an old B5 with the production number 786, so guessing here as a late 1940's or early 50's model.

He was pretty grimy and dusty but rust free and has been kept in good weaving condition.  I spent a little time with the wood portions and a lot of time cleaning the jacks and lams. I have a ton of extra flat steel heddles for him and will need to put some bundles on that were taken off some shafts. There was also a very generous amount of the tie up hooks. Now that will be a learning process using those.

And of course over Christmas my parents gave me a new dog!

Isn't he cute? Made completely out of newspaper. I think it is an amazing little piece of sculptural art.
Shaggy dog and I are smitten. Doesn't eat much either and not a barker. He just rustles.....

Christmas was wonderful BTW, good food, fun gifts (lots of nylabones and new dogs beds too.),
and most importantly, family nearby. Wow, what a difference a few thousand miles makes! ;) We certainly had a lovely white Christmas morning.

The trees heavy with snow. By the 26th of course, where ever the sun hits and it gets warm, the snow slides off.

 I forget what it is like to see snow on a barren landscape with just deciduous trees. I'll take our forest of fir and pine any day.

And this year, we will all get to celebrate with my Mother on her birthday, New Years Eve!
Of course in true Imelda fashion, I will have new shoes to wear.

Thanks Mom, love them. :) The shoes are resting on one of the new plush dog beds made by Tiger Dreamz. Mink I think.

Parting shot:Stella not quite ready to share the chair with the newcomer. But close is okay.


  1. I think you are going to LOVE the Macomber! I really enjoy weaving on the one at the Center! And, yes....the treadle wires do require a learning curve! Beautiful pictures of your winter wonderland!

  2. Happy New Year, Theresa!! Your Mom and I share a birthday.

    St Nick is much like my Mac, except I do not have a sectional beam as the second beam. Not having equipment to warp sectionally, I opted for a plain beam.

    I just worked out a really cool twelve shaft draft. I'll share it with you when I post about it....if you like.

    Love the shaggy dog and the shoes!
    Looks like a fun holiday.

  3. Whoo Hoo on getting the new Mac ready to weave on! Hope you love it as much as I've loved mine. Many an extra loom has come into my studio over the past 29 years but my Mac has always been a constant.

    Love shaggy dog!

  4. New Loom! Awesomeness. Love St Nick, may you both enjoy many warps together. Your newest dog is a real cutie too!

  5. St. Nick looks right at home there, and he cleaned up really nicely, too! Congratulations :-).

  6. Some folks have a fabric stash...you have a loom stash...WOW! Such a neat little production area and love the newest doggy! Isn't there something special about handling a piece of machinery from the past? In a way you are actually touching history and making your own at the same time. Happy new Year, Theresa!

  7. I worked on a Macomber for a couple of years. It's a good sturdy loom. I have refused to get another loom unless one in the studio goes. Ha! bet that won't happen when a great priced loom I can't live without comes along! Seems weavers collect looms like they also collect cats and dogs! Love the photos! Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year!

  8. If you and my namesake are any indication, I must never get into weaving I won't have room for all of the looms I'd probably want to acquire. Lovely pics and newspaper puppy is adorable.

  9. Love the new dog-have you named him? Let's see-Last Edition, Typesetter, Bullet, Banner, Editor, Cub...