Monday, December 1, 2014

Move It On Over

The big dog is moving' in!

Yesterday Gene and I just had too much fun breaking down Big Sal and moving her into a room of her own. Having four hands and two minds on the project made for a surprisingly easier job than I had anticipated. I doubt we burned our full share of excess Thanksgiving Day meal calories, but it wasn't without its share of a few bits of cursing and heated discussion.....

This is Big Sal before the tear down.

In mid process, pieces of her scatted around the house like a gruesome weaving crime scene

and then finally back together, shoe horned under the light and fan and just barely allowing for the back door to be opened.

 The problem with Sal has always been those fly shuttle boxes. They add about 14" to either side of her. The beater bar/race is all one piece so even if you remove the box assembly you still have the full length. It has to go. I have two choices, order a new standard beater bar or saw this one down. Now I have no problem modifying a tool like a loom but I hate to ruin a piece to do it and some day, I or another weaver might want and need those fly boxes. You would certainly want them if you were weaving a full width warp. So really only one choice and that is to part with some cash and order a new standard beater from AVL. It is worth noting that I asked AVL if the new beater bar /race had gold inlay because for what is basically a piece of wood I feel like I am paying for some. My initials at least would be nice.....

Of course the Louet had to be moved out of the back room and into the main studio. Seems like the studio grew trading out BS for the Spring doesn't it?

On the sewing and weaving fronts there hasn't been a lot done. I did mean to share the cute bright corduroy tunic I made before the blog was interrupted with mattress testing pups!

This piece is getting a lot of wear.

I like corduroy much better than flannel and the baby wale I get at Fabric of Vision wears like iron
and is a staple in my winter wardrobe. Fun colors and patterns too!

Now if you are suffering an ear worm from this blog title, you have two choices to slide on over to.
The original version by Hank Williams or the version I grew up on (and played with a garage band for a number of years), by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Either way I guess we can call it a musical Monday!

Parting shot: An intent Cooper (doing his best Tippi Hedren imitation), watching turkeys. They are viewed as possible horse eating monsters.


  1. Is there still room for the day bed in the back room now that Big Sal moved in? Good switch.

  2. Wow, Sal really is big! And now you have more floor to keep dusted in the back room :-) I love Cooper's expression...

  3. Yes, you do need that fly shuttle and I hope you got the 10% Christmas sale discount they're offering right now. The size of that loom boggles my brain, even more that a home can accommodate it!!