Monday, August 11, 2014

The Long and Winding Warp

Nothing like the Beatles to supply a decent ear worm! The new warp for Big Sal has started in earnest.

 I was able to get over to visit with friend and fellow blogger (and weaver and fiber artist extraordinaire), Cindie to pick up some yarn I had ordered last week. I needed the cone of 8/2 natural unmercerized cotton for this pillowcase warp.  Stats on this are 488 ends, 11 yards and sett at 18epi.
The pattern is an 8 shaft basket weave and in the May/June Handwoven 1989 issue. I got a fair amount of other yarns too. Lots of new colors in both perle and unmercerized cotton. I even did a little reorganization of yarns. All naturals, whites and blacks are together since these make up the majority of my warps.

 Colors all live together on the other shelves and it is an inspiration to walk by them.

 Wools of course are put away in the big buffet for protection.

And just where did that sectional beam end up.....on the ceiling!

Of course, I did spend some time weaving on the Murphy loom. The only one set up right now.
I decided to play with both new colors and treading for what may be the last run of prayer flags before this warp runs out.

 We'll see. I no longer remember how many yards I put on, maybe 10 but it could have been 8. So far some fun and bright flags.

I also promised an update on the latest sewing. I redrafted the Grainline Scout Tee for an empire crossover version. I ran out of the muslin material ( the cute bicycles) and used a scrap of green linen to finish it off.

 I will need to make some fit adjustments, take it in and a little shaping work on the next one, but I'm pretty happy with this first run through.

Next up was the Socialite dress/tunic pattern by Anna Marie Horner.

 I like the overall shape but I have to admit, hand stitching the inside neckline down is the kiss of death for me. I'm sure I will figure out another way, but the pattern offers limited options since it is sleeveless. I could draft a sleeve, and I might if I do another one. We'll see. It might be easier to take the elements I like and translate them into a pattern that has already been worked out to suit me.

I never got a chance to mention it but I came home from MA with a new computer. My Mother and I both have really old Mac Books, hers was a 2007 model, mine not much newer, maybe a 2009. When hers died while I was there my Dad decided to do an upgrade for both of us. We each got a new Mac Book Air. It's a little smaller but oh so portable.

 I LOVE the lighted keyboard for use at night in the dark. I bypass the full sized one I have hooked up.

Now onto fire news.

Gene took this last week from the flight he took in the Sheriff's department helicopter
Fire near the Klamath River
 The fire is about 64% contained. There is a fire line around the perimeter. Copco Road is on Level 1 evacuation as are we still. Fires are unpredictable things and until it is in full mop up we'll stay on L1. There is a Red Flag warning in effect for much of Southern Oregon. As Gene says, the lightening bus is coming through. We are expected to multiple storms and many lightening strikes through this period. We got a gift last night as they fizzled out hitting the mountains coming up from CA. But of course, that isn't the end of the update. Idiots abound and one walking the Pacific Crest Trail started a fire yesterday in the Soda Mountain Road area. 80 foot trees fully engulfed in flames. Luckily two helicopters stationed  locally for the Oregon Gulch fire were swung over to help the ground crews and the fire was in mop up by early evening. Then Idiot Two decided to have a campfire (bonfire?) in a remote area around one of the lakes. I have no idea how that one turned out since Gene still wasn't back when I went to bed. There are signs burning, no smoking in the woods, no running of any gas fired anythings, not chainsaws, not ATVs, not cars, not lawn mowers, nothing that creates a spark.  Heck I wouldn't even take a horse with shoes into the woods right now since it could spark on rocks. It's that dry.

If you want to see Gene giving a local news interview here is a link from yesterdays news.

Parting shot: Smoochie, wagging his tail and smiling at mannequin Rhonda , hoping for treats maybe?


  1. Wow, I wondered how you put on the warp. That is some contraption! And I love the warp on the Murphy loom, the colors in the prayer flags are so warm and pretty. The pics of the fire areas are awful. Especially knowing how long it takes to regrow. Sad. BTW, your stenciled floors are awesome.

  2. Nice to see your other half; hope all the firefighters get a break SOON.

  3. Love the new clothes - bikes are fun.

    Whoo Hoo for Dad buying you a new laptop! Hope to meet him at a guild meeting after they get moved out.

    We went on a drive recently to see the aftermaths of the Biscuit Fire from 2002 and last summers fires - both areas very sad looking.

  4. Wow, the fire damage is incredible.
    Your new outfits are great and I always love to see your weaving projects, but I noticed the stencils on the floor. Really pretty.

  5. We're under Red Flag warnings here in Central Oregon, too. Last night's storm had rain, and the lightning seemed to be more cloud to cloud instead of cloud to ground. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

    Big Sal is BIG! I guess I never got the scale until I saw the sectional beam hangin up... I finally got my loom (murphy) excavated. I'm still planning what to do on it while I finish a handspun, knitted shawl. I have all these "one-balls" of handspun - I'm thinking about a couch throw for Fall couch reading...

    Stay safe!

  6. Thank you for the fire is so hard to imagine the scope of the damage. Sending positive vibes that the fire season will be over soon. I think Smoochie was asking for some treats!!!!

  7. Your prayer flags remind me of Susan Johnson's weaving at Avalanche Looms blog.......(consider that high praise!)

    I love the tob with the cross over bodice.

    The fire damage is so sad.....esp. that which was caused by human ignorance.

  8. Giant loom stuff (not being a weaver I have NO idea what this is)! I'm glad to see some creative sewing is happening while you are in the midst of moving parents, and watching fires, and caring for all the critters. The cross over bodice is nice-can you stitch in ditch to attach the neckline? Hand sewing is nice for hems only IMHO. Smoochie is adorable :-)

  9. What a great spot for the sectional beam! So much wasted space on a ceiling, LOL. Glad you had a good trip and congrats on the MacBook Air! Love the idea of lighted keyboard. Great job with the bit of green on the top too. Sometimes our challenges turn into truly creative moments. :)

  10. We finally let our breath go today when we woke to rain lightly falling. Its not all that much but still....
    The forest fires this year north and south of the border have been dreadful this year!

    I bought a Mac Air last spring and have been loving it. Its also my first full on Apple computer (besides an iPad ) and I wished I changed over years ago. I'm saving up for the big Mac, retina pro etc etc.... I'll give the Air to Bruce and make him a changeling too.

    PS Thanks for the good wishes for my recent cold plagued week....I'm on the mend finally.... Hub only got a touch of it.

  11. New weaving yarn-congratulations!! That's always fun to come home with and it's inspiring to dream of new projects. How nice is it that you'll have handwoven pillowcases to use each night?

  12. I like your tops...cute bike print! Thank you for posting the link to the interview. All those fire fighters are really putting their lives on the line!!!