Wednesday, August 6, 2014

35 Percent

The Oregon Gulch Fire at this writing is 35% contained. What an amazing feat it is when you consider dry fuels and the size of the fire, topping out around 36,700 +- acres! To give you an idea of size, that is about 58 square miles. Just think about that for a moment.  Now think about putting a fire break around that and at the same time knocking down flames in unbearable heat with a 40 pound pack on your back in long sleeves, hard hat, heavy pants and boots and many times breathing apparatus. And did I mention the terrain is often steep and dangerous for even just hiking? Who needs make believe super heroes when you have firefighters? And up here on the Greensprings we thank each and every one of them for their hard, dangerous work on our behalf. Not only the boots on the ground, but air and communications support who supply such needed services in these wild land events. Gene tells me good cooks should be thanked to, because like any army, they run on their stomachs. We are hoping to be off Level 1 evacuation alert tomorrow. Copco Road is on Level 2.

So, while I don't have a lot of pics, there has been some sewing going on. A new little shift dress is in testing stage as is a woven crossover tee shirt. Both of these are muslin's, in the same print with scraps and such for any detail work.

There has been some steady weaving on the prayer flag warp and I've played around with a little inlay
here and there.

 This is something I want to experiment more with, on this warp and another one, at some point.

And Big Sal has been outfitted with the plain beam and apron.

 Can't wait to get another warp on her! The pillowcase warp I want to do is actually an 8 shaft pattern.

The deer have been pretty scarce around here. Oh, we've had a nip or two on the garden edges, but for the last two days I haven't even seen a deer, but my family of Grey Foxes has been around as has other wildlife. It will be interesting to see if some numbers go up of displaced wildlife from the fires.
What we do have for constant entertainment is the Hummingbirds. And you know I just adore them. I set up many of the plantings in this garden with them in mind.  We have mostly Anna's Hummingbirds but also one clan of Rufus too. It is hard to tell the difference between females which is which. And I spend a lot of time snapping pics of them. Challenging little subjects but here are some of the better ones.


This one is very obviously a fledgling. She rest often there on the rock, but is a great little flyer when she gets going. The cats avoid the garden BTW, because of the scarecrow, so our little hummers are pretty safe there.

And they aren't the only ones making use of the garden. This little frog was enjoying the view ( and many little bugs!), after climbing up the Bee Balm stalk.

 We also have a resident toad. I find him often times when I'm weeding. A few little garden snakes have been spied too. I caught one just because. A very pretty black with yellow side stripes. Not too big, maybe about 9 inches long. Upon release he slithered under the plants and disappeared.

Thank you all again for all the prayers and positive thoughts. We really appreciate it. Not out of the woods yet (bad pun I know), but things are looking much better especially for those on the east and south east edges of the blaze.

Parting shot: Morning nap.


  1. big sigh of relief for you and yours...

  2. Good news on the fire front....positive thoughts will continue. It's hard to believe your bee balm is still blooming..mine are all finished! Stay safe!

  3. Hi weird, when I comment from Bloglovin, it doesn't get saved! So I'll do it again :-) Glad the containment continues. And love your birds and toads. My mom's hummingbirds used to sit and talk to us, do yours do that? And did Gene use a plan for the water scarecrow? A neighborhood cat is driving me nuts, just loves my back yard...thks!

  4. Love all the little wild things in your garden!

  5. You are so right about the hard work and sacrifices made by fire fighters. It's unimaginable to me and I am so grateful to them. I hope you're off the evacuation alert soon - so glad you didn't have to evacuate yourselves and the horses. What a nightmare! Looking forward to hearing how you like the Gilmore Gem :)

  6. I've been doing the inlay with rosepath, and I'm addicted too.

  7. What a worry having Gene out on the fire lines. I have been reading about him in the newspaper today and just wonder how you keep it all together knowing he has so many close calls with danger. Maybe weaving and sewing help keep you calm? Lots of Rufus down in the valley too this year.