Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And So, We Move Forward

As of course we must. End of summer is always a busy time and this year more so with the arrival of my parents mid September. We had a rocky few days here at Runamuck. The seven remaining dogs ( I am never dog poor that's for sure!), were just as quiet and missing their long time friend Peter. Tuesday of last week we brought him home and buried him between Miss Bea and Dennett, gave him a fine cairn of stones and walked back to the house to be among the living.

 Gene is playing catch up on the business after two weeks plus away with various fire related duties. I am getting into the swing of things fiber wise. The prayer flag warp came off the loom.

 There are four full sets of flags. Two were pulled off previously and given away, but these four contain personal prayers for Miss Bea, Rodger and Peter, along with all the other animals who call here home. Two sets are already up on the deck, two still waiting for sewing work. I tried weaving these without the nylon rope ties woven in. Won't do it again. It makes for a little bit cleaner flag but not worth the effort of sewing them in.

The Murphy loom deserved a new warp and one was ready for him.

 This warp is a gift warp, so details can't be shared just yet, but it beamed on like a dream and we are in the threading process.

The one drawback to this old loom is that neither breast nor warp beam come off. So threading means a long reach over the beam and slower progress.

The Gilmore Gem II will be arriving Thursday. One of the volunteer firefighters is down in Laguna Beach surfing, he'll pick it up on his way back home here since he drives right by Stockton. Thank you, Thank you!

The sewing room has even seen a little action, some fun prints and a mini cutting marathon.

This is the third crossover tunic in a fabric I fell in love with when I used it for a jacket lining. It came back in stock after a year and I snatched up three yards for this.

I really wanted to work on something happy and colorful, so I grabbed this from stash.

 It probably would have made a better bathrobe given the print, but oh heck, if it makes me smile sewing it and slipping it on, what do I care. Pattern used is a modified Schoolhouse Tunic. The fabric itself is a very light cotton canvas.

If I wear it for autumn riding with a bright turtleneck underneath, I am sure to be seen! :)

I think that about covers the last week or so. Thank you all for your kind words, the outpouring of sympathy and care. I believe I answered each and everyone privately. Thank you again so much.

Parting shots: Combined sports, wrestling and ball hoarding.

Front to Back: Stella & Blue Timmy, Spike and Robin


  1. Yes, life keeps marching ahead, never mind the hole(s) in our heart.

  2. It's so tough losing a canine friend. I lost my sheltie, Reb seven years ago and I still miss him. They just take a part of your heart with them when they go. I love your weaving area with the light coming in and the space that you have! Congrats on getting a new loom-I bet you are so excited to get it into your studio. I like your prayer flags-I've been reading up on them, thinking about making quilted versions of them. I like the thought behind them. Nicely done!

  3. I wonder if we get the pieces of our heart back when we re-join out loved ones? Prayer flags are such a great way to honor them.