Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Doesn't Like a Good Slash Pile Burning?

Not me. I've been wanting to get that thing blazed since my folks were here and yesterday was the day. All it took was new (to me) furniture. How extreme!

I simply got tired of there being only one truly comfortable seat in the house. That would be the comfy chair. And that was driven home during the parental invasion.

Unlike Archie Bunker, I would never begrudge my Dad (or my Mom!), the special comfy chair especially on Sundays, when one plops their butt into it at a little past nine in the morning and need not move until about 12 hours later. Beer, bathroom and stretch breaks aside. It's football all day long and the comfy chair is VERY comfy. While pretty and well made (and where the rest of us were relegated to), the mission love seats are not comfortable.

 We are a short family and those are deep sofas with not much back support. Gene and I agreed, they had to go and for a joint anniversary gift I could replace our existing sofas. I got to work. I have a long list of must haves when looking at furniture that lives with pets. The sofa had to have loose cushions and no upholstered frame as did any additional chairs. It had to be smaller too, apartment sized.

 I never buy new furniture, mostly because I don't like the over stuffed styles (comfy chairs are the only exception), and it never meets a majority of my criteria. Plus, lets face it, I have eight dogs. Furniture takes a beating in this household. Mid Century Modern fits the bill and I set to work looking for suitable pieces. Nothing available local for sure. Not a popular style around here it would seem and those I did find, the prices were through the roof in San Francisco and Portland. Enter the internets and a few taps of my fingers and I was in Florida, at a wonderful mid century specialist Furnish Me Vintage. Needless to say, I found some well priced, well made pieces and was able to swing an amazing deal that included crating and shipping. They arrived yesterday and in the blink of a thousand eyes we had them uncrated and in the house. They are all extremely comfortable and except for the egg chair,

 which might require some professional work to recover, all within my scope of expertise for cushions etc. (Linda are your reading this? ;->). Gene hated the egg style chair when he saw the picture, but I adored it and the price was too good to pass up. You know how that ends, he has taken that chair over as his own. ;) The velvet danish lounge chair was love at first sight for me. Original upholstery and all.

 Of course, they don't match, they just live together and my living room will never be magazine nice, but now there are truly numerous seats to flop in and oh, bring a book, you'll want to sit awhile! And the crates,

why they fueled the slash pile!

Parting shot: New furniture, sounds tasty!


  1. How fun! You're all ready for this weekend's games! All you need now are the snacks! And, I'm sure all the pieces have been terrier tested by now.

  2. I like to call my style "Early Swapmeet" - I have a real Mission dresser (the store didn't know what they had), a Bi-mart computer desk, and 2 chairs and a loveseat from Craigslist (maybe I should re-name my style!!). Seredipitously, the couch cushions and the Mission-style rocker share the same upholstery fabric. I, too, live in a small space, and full-sized furniture won't fit...

    While I'm not fond of the more modern styles (I like more wood), I can see where you would enjoy them!

  3. My god, I thought you burned the old furniture!

  4. Hi Theresa, loving the new furniture! Your house looks cozy and inviting. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful critique you left on my blog. It was spot on and gave me several ideas. Got Bog boots on order and at a good discount. Love the internets!