Tuesday, November 27, 2012

About Those Cats!

I only WISH they were mine, but Foxy (above) and Omar reside in their own lovely house on the east coast. They keep my parents around as servants and caretakers of the property. They also have two Golden Retrievers that provide entertainment as the in house fools.

 It would be quite a step down in the world coming here to the low rent district of the Greensprings, where cats have to work for a living and dogs rule the roost. I'm sure they would survive but at present they just allow my folks that two weeks vacation time every year and make do with brought in help.

As to what's going on here, our one house cat is laying on the fat and napping
except for short outhouse runs. The barn cats too are getting rather plump. Part winter coat, part feed.

I went on a cutting frenzy over the weekend. A lined wool vest in a beautiful plum Shetland herringbone,

 five tops in all, one of which was done in knits, another in that plum plaid wool/rayon.

 A cotton velvet jacket using a new Project Runway pattern from Simplicity,

 and a couple of fun and bright cotton Anouks because they are my answer to having something to wear over a turtleneck,

 Indygo Junction's comfy cowl neck tunic in a heavy twill print and denim

 and lastly, a pair of pants also done in a beefy grey ponte knit.

The knit pieces I finished over the weekend and while I don't think I will ever be wild about knits in general, these did come out nice.

 The top is a Vogue Katherine Tilton pattern #8817 and was very nice to work with. I had to do a lot of shortening in the waist area. Much more than the one inch or so they give you for a petite adjustment, but it worked out well. I didn't even need to add length to the hem area either.

 For the pants I used my much loved and adjusted Sewing Workshop Trio pant.

 I slimmed it down quite a bit in the legs and shortened the back waist area just a bit to allow for the drape and stretch of the ponte knit.

 I like them, they are very comfortable and give me hope that I can pull off some leggings in lighter stretchier knits in the future. I also want to try the other top style offered in V8817 since I have more of this wonderful stable ponte knit in a deep old gold color and a fair amount of the deep teal too.

I headed out on Black Friday to Ashland. I shop small all year and spent the morning window shopping and getting gift ideas. I must say, retailers everywhere have responded to the economy. The inventory was pretty lean.. The nice small boutiques are sticking to neutrals for many wardrobe pieces and while brights are represented, a lot of the fun, funky and unusual items just aren't to be had. And that's fine. I would rather have all my favorite wonderful little shops be conservative and be in business come next Christmas! Believe me, I found just the right things and today I head off to do the great gathering of gifts. And not anywhere near a mall. If I have items that can only be purchased at a chain store I do it online.

Last week before the holiday I slipped over to Klamath Falls to give my favorite senior horse Woody a quick massage and leave Mary with some instructions on how to do a lot of it herself. We shopped, we lunched and had a bubbly morning together. Always so much fun. I also visited a little with Nick. He is looking great and doing extremely well in Mary's skilled, steady and loving care. Of course it did all seem so unfair that I should drive miles to go rub a horse when I have two perfectly good candidates out in my own pasture. Yesterday, Dandy got a full nose to tail massage, complete with thorough grooming and most importantly ( to him at least) treats. We spent a lovely two hours in the afternoon sun and then all to soon it was time to start the feeding rounds at Runamuck.
Cooper is slated for later this week or next as weather allows.

Parting shot: Pretty Please...


  1. Ah-ha! Those regal felines do NOT live with the terriers!!!! They are beautiful! You've had a busy week as we ho-ho-ho ourselves towards the holidays!

  2. I thought so...

    I like your idea of capturing each sewing project in its own open container for easy access!

    You may get Timmy now.

  3. Good morning! Loved seeing the kitties, and hearing more about their privileged lives. Your sewing is always an inspiration to me and I love the knit top and pants. ummm, thanks for the nod to my horsemanship-I have an easy time of it with Nick, who is a sweetheart.

  4. Well, those cats are absolutely gorgeous, so it is clear that their staff take good care of them!

  5. Love the tri-color top!!!! The shapes really lend themselves to contrasting colors and what fun it will be to wear! Cats...a law unto their own...too funny that they allow your folks to care for them and be servants. Your grey knit pants are super and so different from the washer brussels version. Stay warm...it is chilly out there with the wind!

  6. I really like the knit top! I do miss the stores in Ashland, specially ShopnKart and the Co-op. We have a few little stores here but they are even more geared to tourists than Ashland's, or the well-to-do vacation home owners. I don't blame them, hard to survive here otherwise. Even so, I do like to pop in and say hi (one gets to know many people when there are only 700 of us) and browse.
    I gave a sigh of contentment at the imagined contentment of the well massaged horses. I think I will go massage my Twill dog!

  7. LA, no, but yu can be sure if they did live with terriers they would have a harried, haunted look! ;)

    LOTL, those containers come from the local grain and feed store and provide a TON of uses. Love them. Timmy has been retrieved and sent out again, numerous times....

    Mary, they are such handsome cats, and yes, very privileged. All kind words are deserving. Nick, a sweetheart??? See, he was just a typical teenager here.

    Michelle, Yes, the staff do a fine job but of course, the pay is priceless, a secure job for life.

    joannely, Thank you for the kudos on the sewing. That knit top is so comfortable and cosy to wear. I surprised myself. Both pieces have made it to the laundry basket, although not worn together. Agreed, cats and wind a force of nature unto themselves!

    RL, ShopnKart is expanding 20,000 feet. More produce, and a fresh fish counter I'm told.
    Dandy did more than sigh, I had to convince him to move after it was all done. He was so relaxed I could have pushed him over. Horse tipping! And good to see you stop in.