Thursday, November 8, 2012

All Over the Map

No, not THAT map! I think we've all seen just about enough of primary colored maps
to last us about 4 years. The other thing I know I've seen enough of are lines in swing states that have people waiting to vote for hours. We have GOT to do better.

So let's start on my own whirlwind of what's been going on here. The folks left last Saturday and like every parting, it is a sweet sorrow. I always miss them like heck but
it's also nice to get back to the "normal" routines. The day they leave the house feels empty, the dogs quiet (no doubt from exhaustion since they have been about as obnoxious as they can get for two weeks.), and it's hard to settle. Time to start thinking about the spring trip while I fritter away a few days getting resettled.

There has been some sewing going on. I couldn't help myself and made another Butterick 5032 capelet. Fabric of Vision has gotten in some heavenly winter fabrics and one of them was a wool/linen/angora blend in a black glen plaid. The plaid is so dark it's hard to see, but it is there.

 The hand is amazing. Soft, warm and light, perfect for over the shoulders. It was a dream to sew. The cost however, was prohibitive of a more ample garment, and I might add, the angora does make it a little less sturdy for a hard wearing type garment. Since this pattern uses but a yard of each, shell and lining, it was the ideal way to have some of this wonderful stuff without busting the budget. It is lined in a nice silky voile floral.

Since I was in a Butterick mood, another of the wonderful Connie Crawford blouse pattern (B5365), was produced.

This time in a fun and bright mid century modern type print cotton. I can't say enough good stuff about this pattern. It's becoming my go to for button front blouses. Easy, pretty and so nicely shaped and drafted. If you decide to get it though, pay attention to sleeve length, I find this one a little short. I have longish arms, but by no means, do I scrape my knuckles as I walk! I add about an inch and a half to two inches and cut the cuff down to single button width. This pattern is staying active to make another retro print blouse and a solid light grey one at least!

Last up in the done column is a fancy Victory Patterns Anouk top. I can't tell you how wearable and comfortable this pattern is.

You have to try it for yourself. The neckline, which I cut in a bit to make it just a smidge less wide, is very flattering. Looks great alone or with a turtleneck or a cami. You just can't go wrong with it. This version is done in heavier fabrics. An almost decorator weight bark cloth like cotton and dark blue silk matka. Lots of texture and interest. I did the sleeves in the same color as the bodice instead of the solid blue and it makes it elegant and dressy I think. The bodice calls for a lining, which I did. The shell fabric would have been too heavy and stiff so I used a very light cotton shirting in a dark blue. The lining can be tricky, but if you take your time it comes out just fine. This is another that you could add length too on the sleeves. I like the bracelet length on these but others might want to add an inch or so for a true long sleeve.

In farm news, the dastardly Tree's Inc has been up here almost every day. They really did do a butcher job on our property and have been attempting to make it right. Of course you can't put trees back that have been cut but they have been doing a good clean up job. Almost daily they have come to the house to get Gene and show him the work they've done and get his approval. As bad as it is, they have been awfully attentive to making us happy with the clean up. The trees they cut down to 8 feet and left have been further cut to stumps instead of being left to cause tree height snags. Never good in a fire zone and around power lines to boot. What were they thinking? Anyway, the job is finally done. I don't have to listen to mowers and chippers and the path has certainly been opened up for riding. There is my silver lining. The other is the fox has been spied. He's back or at least comfortable enough to traverse the property again. The bevy of 5 turkeys has also been seen almost daily.

The horses and donkeys all got their hooves trimmed yesterday. Each and every one acquitted themselves well and Steve was in and out in about an hour and fifteen. Good thing too because yesterday was shopping day. I try to go Thursday or Friday, but we've gone from 60 + degree weather ( a 5 day Indian Summer) to the next 5 days filled with snow and ice. Gene gets the new barn tarps up today! He did his errands Tuesday.

Of course, while in town I finally had some time to stop in Fabric of Vision and make some selections of winter weight fabrics. The inventory is deep and beautiful but decisions had to made. I came home with three beauties. This is a wool/rayon combo and is unbelievably soft and drapey.

 The plum/cream plaid is so pretty and different too. Perfect for a winter shirt. Next up is a heavier weight linen/cotton blend.

Indigo, plain weave with herringbone weave stripes and season spanning, what's not to love? Lastly, an interesting double faced cloth.

 The right side is a nylon blend shell with pick stitching, channels and pin tucks going the length of the fabric, the inside is a soft cotton/silk I think blend.

 Unusual and quite practical. This is destined for a vest and I'll share when it hits the cutting table.

Next post I really need to get to some book reviews. I've finished some good ones and have loaded my Kindle up with all sorts of reads. Plus there is the different sort of baseball cap to show. I can't forget that! But I'll leave it with this for now.

Parting shot: Costumes, not just for dogs!
 I think I finally found the end of Rodgers rope with this one...


  1. Getting back to "normal" routine always takes me awhile....I know you enjoyed your parents' visit, though. I can just imagine the critters are adjusting back, too! Lots of great sewing going on at your place!!!

  2. Rodgers doesn't look like a happy camper! I'm glad that the trees were cleaned up and that you are happier with the end result. Losing trees is tough to swallow since they take so long to grow.
    Snow?? Yippee!!!!! Send some our way ;-)

  3. Rodger is one upset boy, not funny not funny at all. Snow, you lucky girl please send some my way.

  4. Wonderful pictures of beautiful sewing. I love your aesthetic. I'm looking forward to starting Dog Stars, which is waiting on my Kindle. Finally, you are an evil owner to dress your poor kitty like that.

  5. That Anouk top is way too cute! I do just the opposite on sleeves, I shorten then because I love 3/4 length sleeves.

    Maybe it's that teal fluff that put it over the top for Rodger.

  6. Kitty cat fluff and cool kitty blouses! Holey Moley you will have quite the winter wardrobe! You are so generous to tease us with new fabrics! Looking forward to the new fashions and techniques you seem to be able to pop out of your hat every time. Enjoy the solitude of a guest-free house and less laundry...time for some hibernation thoughts.

  7. Oooh, that lining really makes the capelet!! And I love the vest fabric....I was thinking 'vest' before I even got to that part of the text.

    Amazing that you can even dress up your must be part Dr. Doolittle because I've never had a cat that would stand for that!

  8. LA, we are now back to the same old same old, plus snow!
    Judy, I believe this snow will head your way.
    Martha, you might have to see Judy over in Idaho to push those snow clouds along.
    Ah, the Dog Stars Mary, it may take a bit to get into but stick with it!
    Cindie, the Anouk is such a nice top pattern, remember I do a lot of modifications to the front, no panel, no opening etc.
    mrsmole, oh my yes, the visit was punctuated by lots of laundry at either end! As to new techniques, not really. Although I am sifting through patterns for knits. Not my strong suit but one I feel I must conquer. Can you hear my fingers snapping? ;) Cool kitty indeed!
    Valerie, it does scream vest doesn't it. As to Dr. Doolittle, well I'm thinking it's more they just want to eat every day. ;)
    Michelle et al, about Rodger, he was kind of ticked, things around his neck are one thing but when something extends all the way down his back is another entirely. I will say he was an absolute gentleman both putting it on and taking it off minutes later. And no hard feelings about it either. We can all take a lesson from that. As far as Rodger is concerned, as long as I took away no full body costumes for kitties, he's a happy camper.

  9. OH, the poor kitty! He won't even look at you!
    I keep trying to make time for sewing, but the looms cry out louder. Good work! Lots of new things to wear!

  10. You have me- whether you know it or not, your post has given me the gentle nudge toward revisiting my awful Anouk- I just love your keyhole-less versions so much...nicely done.

  11. I think Rodger is disgusted! But you are too funny and he will get over it.
    Indigo, my love, and such a lovely cloth it is.