Thursday, April 12, 2012

Short Timer

Likely this will be the last update until I return home on 5/23. I have streamlined things just about as much as I can for DH. Pills have all been halved, directions written, phone numbers put back up in both the barn and on the fridge. Gene knows all the answers to my "pop" quizzes, although he has not committed the vet's number to memory. I've gotten to the important items in the pantry, extra dog biscuits and treats, an emergency bag of cat food and the grain bins out in the barn are as stuffed as I can make them.

The gawd awful ugly baby blue suitcase is down from the top of the closet and sits waiting for me to stuff it this weekend. I'm down to hours really and most of them are going to be spent home, with the critters and the husband, taking walks, brushing horses and donkeys and just giving everyone that extra dose of love and attention to hold them while I'm gone. I do it more for me than them. We got the nasty bits out of the way, like nail trimming, earlier this week.

Everyone, have a wonderful few weeks! I'll catch up with you all on your own blogs. I'll leave you with this rogue's gallery of parting shots. I stop in myself to see the pics of the little buggers when I'm gone.





Miss Bea and Rodger



And the one who always misses me the most, Jack.


  1. Have a great trip...sounds like you have all the bases covered!!!!

  2. Enjoy your trip! Love the rogues gallery of wonderful faces, they are all special little guys.

  3. Have a great time - eat lots of lobster!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen all the dogs in one post and wasn't always sure who was who, so I LOVE this! And revisiting this post yourself is a great idea that I'll have to remember, although I have never been gone from mine for over a week. Have a GREAT trip; I'll miss your posts. :-)

  5. Have a wonderful time!! We'll miss you almost as much as the animals.

    You know what? I think all of your dogs look like they are out a children's story book. I can see everyone of them in watercolor type pictures illustrating a children's story.

  6. Have a wonderful time Theresa-see you when you return!

  7. LA, I hope I have those bases covered. In any event, I'm only a phone call away.

    Thistle Rose, Thank you! They are quite the bunch aren't they.

    Cindie, Will do! The New England lobster population has been put on notice.

    Michelle, You know you're right, I have never posted the 7 dwarves and a spare all at once. Gene occasionally sends me some silly pics of one or two of them, but it is nice to log on and see all of them while I'm gone. Thank god my folks have a couple of cats and a couple of dogs to stand in as surrogates.

    Valerie, One can only imagine what a busy children's book that might be. Being a terrier group more or less, you know it would have to a diva or two and lots of drama. ;)

    Mary, Thank you and good luck getting DH up and about quickly after his surgery.

  8. Don't worry about all of us...we will be here when you get back and thinking of you wearing all those cool clothes you have made in the past months. Fingers crossed when you return we will have sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. oh, are so brave (although a wonderful reason to travel far!) to leave these splendid friends.
    I'll miss you all!
    Have a great time.

  10. I envy you, you family and weaving father. How rich you are to be able to having this extended time with them. Be gentle when you share your new stash acquisitions :) Visit well.

  11. Have a wonderful trip! That little earnest face of Jack just makes you want to hug him.

  12. I don't know where you're going but I hope it's something good...
    you will be missed by so many four legged friends..
    just think of the wagging when you return!!

  13. LOL, what great shots! You are so wonderfully organized Theresa. Do have a fun time and a safe trip.