Thursday, May 24, 2012

About Boats

I'm back from vacation and what a wonderful long vacation it was. The lobsters were sweet, plump and plentiful this year, as were other seafood delights. I'll catch you all up on some of the highlights but today is for one of the most interesting and fun events of my annual trip. The launching of the boat. My Dad's little skiff goes in a few days before the larger boat (and had I had the camera handy I would have taken some snaps of it and a wonderful little sailor Jack Russell Terrier named Bailey). But the main event is always getting BYGONE from her winter being dry docked and into the water.

A forklift is used with a specialized hydraulic trailer for getting her off the jacks that cradled her all winter.

 Two large slings are run underneath and tightened individually around the bottom of the boat via controls on the lift so she is level during the whole lowering process.

 Then the boat is gently lowered down into the water.

 The slings are heavy and lowered further allowing the boat to power out in reverse from the little bay. That's Sailor Tom helping out and waving while my Dad pilots.

 Once she's out they raise the slings, power the lift forward and then it's onto the next boat.

 Here is BYGONE as she motored away for her first trip of the season around the harbor.

 It's a pretty cool thing requiring skill and patience on the part of the dock crew and I never tire of watching them do this. In fact, I plan my annual trip just so I will get to see
the plunking of the boats! :)

Parting shot: Foxy, Queen of all she surveys!


  1. Wonderful to have you back! I never thought about how boats are dry-docked and UN-dry-docked; it IS fascinating!

  2. Welcome back!!! Great pictures & story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Welcome home! Have missed your posts!

    If you ever need to watch boats put in and out of the water just head over to Port Orford on our coast - that harbor has no docks, all boats are lifted in and out on a daily basis. And yes, fascinating to watch - we usually see the fishing boats going in and out.

  4. Welcome back to winter in the valley...wish you had brought some good weather back with you!
    Looking forward to more photos and stories!
    Foxy looks very happy posing for photos. Did you miss sewing?

  5. Welcome back! It's nice to see you posting again and congratulations on a relaxing vacation. There's something quite neat about boats-great post.

  6. Thank you for the welcome back all! The husband and critters are all happy the old regime ( or would that be battle ax?), is back and routines are being restored.

    mrsmole, Isn't Foxy so pretty? One of my parents two cats. I did sew a blouse there, a new Burda pattern and of course, cleaned my folks sewing machine for them.

    cindie, I would love to get over to the coast. It must cost a fortune to haul those boats in and out daily. One can only hope the fishing is good.

    LA, I need to get over and check out what all you guys have been up to!

    I do love watching those boats and while a little prejudiced, I think BYGONE is one of the prettiest boats I've ever seen. She's fun to be on too!! Michelle, You're closer to the coast maybe take Brian over for a visit to see the boats going in and out in person?

    Judy, it was relaxing. And now we are looking forward to fall when the folks travel here for a visit!

  7. I loved the pictures but can see how the experience needs the sounds and smells of the harbor. Fantastic and welcome home!