Saturday, April 7, 2012

And They Call This Spring?

You can call it any old thing you like, looks like winter to me! Cindie, not a good time to visit. ;)

Today though, today might look like spring. I'm hoping so. Everyone is looking forward to some sunshine.

As you might imagine, things have kicked into high gear here. Lots to do and very little time to get it done in. I leave a week from Monday and return home in May. Usually, the daffodils are just blooming and if I'm lucky, the wild dogwoods will still be showy.

It was a busy week, with a long to do list. Most of it terribly mundane. This week will be more of the same and add in toenail clipping just to keep it all interesting. I did get two more spring/summer tops done before packing up the machine and taking it down to Medford for it's spa treatment. Both Burda patterns. I liked the 7220 pattern so much (this one in navy linen with lobster ribbon),

I decided to have a go at another Burda offering.

The pattern number for those that care is 8100 and it fills a deep need in my pattern arsenal. That of a simple woven t-shirt type top. I am not gifted with sewing knits and much prefer the coolness of a light cotton top to a clingy t-shirt. With a nice shape, darted, three sleeve options and two neck options this is a fun versatile pattern. I can do just about anything with this from embellishing to easily changing the neck shape. It uses a reasonable amount of fabric and is pretty quick to make.

While my main sewing machine may be gone I still have my wonderful Brother sewing/embroidery combo machine and made good use of it. Nothing says spring like lace and pink skulls huh?

Along with packing I'll be working on all the looms this week. I'm hoping to get the towel warp off the Hollandia and have a towel or two to pack into my bag for the folks.

And of course, I have built in lots of time to spend with the furkids. I miss them all so much, but Gene gives me daily reports. Sometimes I hear about angels, other times devils. :) So fair warning, the blog will get pretty quiet until the end of May, but I will try to keep up with everyones blog while I am gone!

Parting shots: Bed wrestling.

Escape is not an option.


  1. I just hope the weather cooperates for your visit with your parents! It's been a roller coaster ride so far! Your top is an inspiration! It really makes me long for some sewing time.

  2. beautiful embroidery there! Not such beautiful weather however. It is such great weather here, albeit dry, that I surely hope it lasts for your arrival. I can only imagine what it is lie to leave your family, 2 and 4 legged, for so long. While I was away there was a bit of chaos but when I walked through the door not a creature was stirring! Safe travels.

  3. Oh, what a difference we were just to the west of you yesterday - it was cold but we had a sunny beautiful day. Was hoping for more of the same today to work in the yard but looks like it was a fluke, clouds rolling in, and it is cold.

  4. Bed wrestling! Oh my but how I miss Rascal's furniture wrestling.

    I am so impressed with your embroidered touch. I never was brave enough to try anything like that with a machine. Your little touches are always so perfect.

  5. LA, as long as the lobsters are plentiful, I can brave anything New England can toss my way during the visit.

    Nancy, the one saving grace is that my folks have a few 4 legged's kicking around. 2 Goldens and 2 very entertaining kitties. It helps. Of course they are all so well behaved compared to my heathen 8, but, a dog is a dog and I can't help but love them all.

    Cindie, yesterday may not have been the greatest but it looks like it is trending finally to some drier weather for all. Fingers crossed.

    Leigh, they are all so funny to watch. I know how it is to miss that certain animal. RIP Rascal. As to the embroidery, heck the machine does it. I download a pattern I've purchased (usually for about 1-2 dollars) and set the machine to work. It tells you when to change threads and even what color is recommended. I still do more embellishment with ribbons and no special machine needed. :)

  6. "They" say it's supposed to be 60 here today (Prineville). With the high overcast, and the house freezing, I'm wondering if it's going to make it!

    Have a good visit with the "P's" - those of us of a certain age are blessed when our parents are still around!

  7. And I spent Easter afternoon on the deck, reading my book because it was so nice. Weird. As for sewing machines, my new Brother crapped out on me today so I need to find a "spa" soon!

  8. Theresa, I'm wondering where you take your machines, Green's, or is there another. A friend is looking as hers needs more of a hospital than a spa treatment. Today was gorgeous! Hopefully, it will be like this for a few days.

  9. Oh I absolutely LOVE the pink skulls. Nice touch that! I can't believe those pics of the Ashland area. Brrrr. It has been warmer the past two days but still haven't had a full day of sunshine here. Have a wonderful trip and take care!

  10. Wow, that some "spring" weather you are having! I hope that it warms up soon for you so that you can back to riding.
    That's a lovely blue linen top.