Saturday, August 5, 2017

Some Like it Hot

I am not one of them. In fact I don't really like temps over 70 and I'm just fine with crisp high 50's days. But even summer lovers have been a bit baked this past week of triple digits. We've lived here about 17 years and I can only remember once when it hit 100 and that might have been last year.
We were 102 on Wednesday. Good grief if I wanted to live in the western deserts I would have moved there! We survived though. A well insulated house is a thing of beauty. On the hottest day the downstairs hit 72 after an all day bake. The whole house fan was able to cool it down to outside temps PDQ at night and the new 8000BTU window A/C kept the master at a bearable 63 degrees on average. I was disappointed though, that the unit did not come with an"Arctic Blast" setting. Dang!

It was certainly a workable haven in the sewing salon and I got a few fun makes out. Bight orange Moda fabric morphed into an Indygo Junction Asymmetrical Tunic

complete with hot pink trim and bits of graphic fabrics.

I finally went ahead and drafted an armhole and sleeve for the Sew House Seven Mississippi Ave top/dress.

I love this pattern and have made a good number of them up for summer and "under" wear.
Why not a sleeve? Why not a fun back panel?

It would seem all of my favorite patterns have V necks this year.

I had thought about working on a wool jacket but considering the temps, I nixed it. I do have a need for a lightweight barn jacket. I can't go out in those high temps and intense sun without some covering on my arms, shoulders and neck. Maybe something will pop when I hit the cutting table tomorrow. I certainly have some fun new fabrics to pick from.

That light teal Japanese print canvas is calling to me to be an outer layer. We'll see what becomes of it. Some fun prints and great mid weight linen solids.

I took some pics of the garden but honestly, they were crappy. Too late in the day and now after all that heat it is looking a bit tattered. Even the lemon balms have bolted. I need to see what is available for fall blooming perennials and slip some in this year. I will say the new succulents are doing fabulous. Look at the comparison from when they were put in at the beginning of June.


Last week was Beautification Day for my Mom and I. Basically, we get our hair cut. I bring her over to Ashland for a truly nice haircut with my wonderful stylist Melinda. I let her go first and popped across the alley to Paddintgon Station for a time wasting browse. Of course I found two beautiful mugs I just had to have

 and the boxes will certainly not go to waste either. I have the fox by this artist. You can see more of Vicki Sawyer's stuff here.

Congress is on recess and so am I as far as "Did that just happen" stuff. Come September though we'll reconvene. I will say it is a disturbing to hear all the talk about hindering the freedom of the press and thank god we still have a free press. Support newspapers and good honest reporting where ever you find it!

On a personal note, my Dad would have been 80 today. We will mark his birthday this year by hanging out the prayer flag I finally finished and spreading his ashes.

And yes, I added that little missing bell!

It's time. I still choke up and puddle when I think of something we did or for a moment wish we could have done, but there will always be that lifetime of memories to unpack and examine as needed.  I miss you Dad, so, so much.

Parting shot: Nothing like a good gnaw.


LA said...

I heard on the news that you were having a heat wave! I hope the fire danger remains low! You have some fun fabric for new projects...enjoy!!!

Peg Cherre said...

Love that baby doll panel!

And that choking up thing? If you're like me it'll continue forever, although less frequently as the years pass. It's been 16 years without my hubby and I'm tearing up typing this.

Michelle said...

Bah, humbug to the heat and current politics. T'would be a better world if we designed it, no? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I always worry about you and Cindie when I hear the reports of fire dangers in your areas - hope the fire season hurries on past and brings not only safety but cooler weather to you. Love the prayer flag you wove for your Father, it is beautiful. The flag you made for our Sam is still in the garden and has held up through all kinds of weather - it always makes me smile when I see it.

Pets for Mr. gnawing Jack and of course the rest of the crew.

Theresa said...

Martha, We've had a pretty hot dry spell and fire season is always a bear here. Thank you, it was the hardest prayer flag to weave ever. Glad yours is still flying. :-) Pets liberally doled out.

Michelle, I think you've got it right.

Peg, that panel was one of six I got when Cindie and I did our last little shopping meet up in July. The most upsetting thing is I forget he's died. I see something he would love and think about calling him and then of course I remember.

LA, By August we are always at "extreme" fire danger since it rarely rains all summer and when it does, it comes with that lightening stuff too. The fabrics are fun, two of them are cut and in the sewing

Martha said...

You always make the IJ patterns look so much better than they do! They should pay you to make up the samples and then photograph them. So now I need the Miss Ave tunic.

Hope your weather improves soon.

Susan said...

I'm with you on the heat. I keep feeling that I will have to continue my move north to gain some temperature balance, but it seems to be everywhere! I love your prayer flag - what a wonderful idea. Thank goodness for all of the good and loving memories. They will support you forever.

Leigh said...

Oh my, those fabrics! But oh my, your summer temperatures! I can't complain because we haven't been as hot as last summer (the worst one I remember!) and August feels more like October! Wish I could package some up and send it your way.