Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Well, last week was kind of magical, like I imagine Platform 9 3/4 must be at Kings Crossing. Runamuck welcomed a new member, Miss Mandy.

 Children aren't the only things abandoned in the growing drug crisis. Mandy was living in a car before being abandoned at the home of one of my veterinarian's technicians. There is always help at Runamuck for those who need it and I brought her home last Tuesday.

She is wonderful sweet little mini dachshund, about 8 years old and sadly with a mouthful of neglected teeth. Yesterday I brought her back to the vet for a full dental. Took 2 plus hours and she lost 23 teeth. Money well spent and in a couple of days she will feel like a new dog. Imagine having a mouthful of infected gums and teeth for heavens know how long?

But that wasn't the only arrival last week. A new mattress made it to our door. Not too long ago we got a Tempur-pedic one. While comfortable and easy on pressure points and joints, memory foam sleeps hot. I just couldn't stand it any longer as I sleep hot too. We opted for a natural latex mattress and it came Thursday morning via Fedex. So far so good, it sleeps MUCH cooler and is just as forgiving of pressure points as MF

There was one more arrival on Thursday, a Louet David made it to my door via The Web-ster's. Gene went down and picked all the boxes up and we got them in the house just as a thunderstorm with torrential rain broke out. Whew! We needed the rain badly and even so a couple of small fires broke out the next day and the fire crews jumped on them.

Friday morning looked like Christmas around here, with boxes and wrappers and instructions.

 I have to say, the packaging by Louet is impressive and look, that big awkward box has its own handles.

Freakin brilliant! I spent Friday and Saturday putting him together.

Instructions were very good although I had a bit of a challenge as I installed both a friction brake and a second back beam since the instructions treated these as add ons.

 Louet includes the tools you will need to handle the various screws and bolts and unlike the gawd awful cheap things you might find in something from China, these tools were useful and well made. I never opted for anything additional even though I have a number of ratchet tools around here had I gone searching. Sunday the first warp was wound on,

Monday threading, yesterday I started sleying the reed.

 I hope to be weaving today while little Mandy recovers from that major bit of dental surgery. She is getting some pretty heavy duty pain killers for the next couple of days. Surprisingly she was hungry this morning and ate all her breakfast. A good thing since antibiotics really should be given with some food.

The seasons are changing and no longer is my morning feed accompanied by early dawn. It's dark now but there are still treasures to be seen for those who look. This amazing spider is on her web by one of the outside corners of the barn.

She greets me every morning in my headlamp. Come daylight, she is no where to be found but the web is well placed for catching things.

Only one make made it out of the sewing salon, a Cashmerette Webster in this fab Moda cotton.

 So fun and bright. The last piece of ordered fabric arrived, a flannel for fall with jars of lightening bugs.

 As a child summering at my grandparents home in PA I can remember catching fireflies in mason jars in the field at the side of the house. I also remember hours spent by the creek and the pond, catching frogs and dragonflies. They would spend some time with me, but always released before bedtime. Jars are no place for nature to live but they certainly aid in sparking wonder at the world around us. At least I hope they still do.

Parting shots: The new girl.



LA said...

I love how the pack has accepted Miss Mandy! And, they seem to sense her need for comfort! I hope she has a speedy recovery. Congrats on your new loom. It sure is a beauty!

Diane in Oregon said...

Bless you for taking on Miss Mandy and her teeth! She looks like a sweetie!

And a new David, too - love those Louets! May you both weave long and prosper :-).

Michelle said...

Welcome to Mandy, David, and RAIN!

Anonymous said...

Miss Mandy you have landed in the absolute best place on earth! So happy you are not in pain any longer and are well on your way to health and happiness and lots of love and the ever famous Timmys. The new David is impressive, such a beautiful loom - he is fitting in with the rest of your loom herd with grace and dignity. Enjoy getting know your new loom.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on all the new additions, welcome Mandy and David.

Leigh said...

Aww! Glad you could help Mandy out. My mom adopted a little black devil, oops, I mean a little black miniature long-haired dachshund. She is a cutie, but is possessive of HER mama, and will run down rabbit holes and stay there for 45 minutes while my mom freaks out. Now she has to go out on a leash to prevent more rabbit hole excursions. She's hard to photograph as she is a shiny black inkspot in her bed.

Deborah Hillyer said...

Welcome to Mandy, so glad she has a happy home now. I love the lightning bug fabric, what will you make with this?

Theresa said...

Deborah, The firefly fabric will probably be made into a snuggly winter tunic.

Leigh, You are not the first person to mention that the dachshunds can be ...mischievious. Mandy is very low key and sweet..I'm feeling lucky!

Unknown, Thank you!

Martha, She is doing so well after surgery. It is amazing how they bounce back. We're all lucky to have each other and that net casts out to friends far away too!

Michelle, Thank you. We had been keeping our eyes open for a needy dachshund as you know, so we jumped on her when the call came through.

Diane, LOL, if blessings are rescues, I am VERY blessed. The lout is nice but that sliding beater is going to take some getting use to.

LA, This pack is a wonder with accepting new animals in. The world should all be as generous and welcoming!

Janine said...

Welcome to Miss Mandy. She looks adorable. A very lucky dog indeed to be cared you .

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

What a darling sweet lass.
There are few with as big a heart as yours but thank goodness you do.
Not so many fireflies in this area now.(I live about 100 miles from PA) I can remember growing up they would twinkle in the hedges and at the edge of the woods enticing all to watch their little starlit dance.
Happy weaving with your new toy.,
Susan x

Rose said...

Welcome to Mandy! I'd love to see a pic of your sleeve draft/patten for the Webster! I like the pattern, and I'm thinking of adding sleeve, too. The loom looks intriguing--I think you will have fun with it.

Rose in SV

Sharon said...

What a sweet girl and what a lucky girl. I didn't know dogs have 23 teeth!! Once our old girl goes, we've talked about no more dogs, but I'm not sure I could stand it.

ladyoftheloom said...

Oh my oh my! Mandy! My jackshund rescue Penny says Hi sister! Sorry about your teeth but you will be ok!

Leigh said...

Welcome to Mandy! She looks like a great addition and perfectly at home already. She has landed herself the best family and home ever. And welcome to the Louet! Beautiful! Those kinds of additions are exciting indeed.

Susan said...

I don't know how I missed this post! I have a particularly soft spot for Dachshunds. She is a sweet girl - and bless your heart for taking in an older dog. They are the BEST.