Monday, July 10, 2017

Six Hummers Humming

One of the few delights of summer for me is the hummingbirds.

 I'm on the lookout for the first one or two come April and feeders are out and ready, brought in overnight so the nectar stays warm and put out at first light in case some cold hummer coming out of a torpid state needs this life giving fluid.

Come July though, it's all about territory and acrobatics. The feeders are busy. This year has seen the numbers down. Just about six total.

 Everything is down wildlife wise actually. The property next door to us, 170 acres of lovely old and new growth was bought and clear cut. The operation ran day and night from May (how many nests were destroyed I wonder), to the beginning of July. It sickened us to see and hear it. This is not stewardship, this is snatch and grab and slash and Oregon lets them get away with it. The property is for sale again, there was an existing well and a home site approval, but it is a moonscape out there now and will be for many years to come.  Such a pity.

While summer wanes on, it is cool and shady enough for spinning on the deck in the mornings.

 I love the umbrella that is out there. Here is the last of the Polworth (it is all now plied, skeined and ready for soaking) and the start of the merino/silk Songs of the River.

 Beautiful stuff, a bit slippery after the robust Polworth. The saturated color is amazing.

In the sewing salon, a new pair of PJ's.

 Horrid pic, but the cool and soft lightweight cotton is pleasure to wear. And a Charley Harper fabric (the sleeveless Webster in the ladybug print is a C.Harper fabric), makes another appearance in a Webster Tunic, this time with sleeves.

Maritime collection fabric.

 I have another black and white tunic finished up and waiting pics. It is unusual for me to buy black fabrics, but I just fell in love with these two.

A new pattern finally arrived on Saturday.

 I already have the muslin cut out, complete with modifications recommended by Coco at Coco's Loft. I'm not a fan of cut on sleeves but it seems every year or so a pattern comes along to make me want to give it another go. We'll see!

Most weekends there has been canning of some fruit or another.

We have strawberry and lemon preserves, blueberry and maple jam and a raspberry and jalapeño jam. This week I'm putting up a nectarine and lime concoction. Much easier than processing peaches as nectarines don't need to be peeled, only pitted and chopped.

Did That Just Happen?
Cyber security task force with Russia? Really?! Even some of the GOP is going out and throwing shade at that idea.

And if the constant wildfire season hasn't clued you in to the real dangers of global warming, maybe this little piece will drive some points home.

Of course, changing our eating habits may help to save the planet. It certainly could help our waistlines!

On another sad and more personal note, my much loved and cherished horse trainer Bridget passed away in June at such a young age.  She taught me so much about horses in general and Cooper in particular. She instilled confidence in both of us, individually and as a team. Bridget was kind and patient with all animals and could be frank and cutting with their human counterparts. She was always their voice. Bridget will missed by many, of all species.

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  1. Your jams sound yummy! And your handspun is beautiful.

    So sorry about your neighboring moonscape. Lots of unhappy implications there.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your newly sewn pieces. This is another lovely tunic.

  3. That must have been hard to take, the clear-cutting of such a lovely place. Greed pops up everywhere, doesn't it? Those PJs look so cool and comfortable! And what a lovely spot (love the chair) to spin. So sorry to hear about your friend. She was so young.

  4. Wow - you've been busy this past week!

  5. Interesting....I, too, have noticed that I don't have as many hummingbirds as I usually do. Makes you wonder, huh? Porch spinning is perfect!

  6. You know I understand the neighboring moonscape (ours is now covered with flowering noxious weeds which will soon blow their seeds onto our property). :-(

    Do you ever sew with slippery stuff? My favorite PJs are wearing out and I've been thinking of trying to find someone who can use them to recreate more.

  7. Michelle, I don't work with slippery stuff but I can probably help with making a pattern for your PJ's.

    LA, There is such a delicate balance for those hummers. Porch spinning IS wonderful.

    Cindie, Said by a woman who never stops being creative!

    Susan, It made a depressing kind of year all that more depressing but hopefully it will come back. Of course with the climate changing who knows if the magnificent trees will ever get a chance to thrive like in the past.

    Martha, Thank you!

    Peg, the jams are just fun, although I have to admit, I prefer a cotton jersey for tops. I might have to buy some cheap T shirts and rework them. God I hate working with knits.....

  8. Your colors of yarns and clothes over the past couple posts have kept me drooling! Down here in the valley we have 4 hummers, one of the Rufus ones is bright orange this year...almost glowing but still a bully chasing the others away from the feeders. Sorry to hear about your horse teacher friend. It is hard to imagine life without such a special person and the vacancy is always there. I can almost smell the jam...almost!