Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dumpy, Dowdy and Drab!

So let me tell you how I really feel about patterns with cut on sleeves. ;-)
The Closet Case Files Charlie Caftan pattern was a fail. I made a number of adjustments but in the end, the style and overall technical design is just not for me. What looked great on Coco with her willowy figure just did not translate well to my shorter, more gnome like figure. I knew going into this it might not work out so I'm not terribly disappointed. I still have stuff to wear to the ball but I was hopeful. The pattern has found its way to the wrapping paper box.

That's not to say nothing pretty came out of the sewing salon, there were two wonderful other makes.
An Asymmetrical Tunic from Indigo Junction (complete with 3/4 length sleeves) made the journey from salon to wardrobe.

This fabric is a smooth tightly woven shirt weight cotton. It feels like silk on and was a pleasure to work with. I used the whole 3 yards pretty much on this tunic. Light enough for summer but with a sweater and the sleeves it will be a nice year round piece.

The second thing out of the sewing closet is another Webster tunic. I actually cut three of these, all sleeveless. I like this pattern a lot. It has a nice fit and the V back is cool and comfortable. It also works quite well with a sweater or a jacket on cooler days.

The pattern is thrifty. I got this out of less than 2 yards. I had used some of this fabric on other things and it was time to move it out of stash and make room for some other more garment worthy fabrics. Being darkish and busy it is the perfect type of top for working around here and this Moda cotton always washes up great. I liked the selvage edge design and saved it. May not have been the best choice, but the little color butterflies always make me kind of happy.

The Baby Wolf was brought down for some portable weaving.

fits just perfectly at the end of the table when not in use

I've had Shrek out on both decks and in the family room. I can watch TV or listen to the radio, weave and keep an eye on stuff cooking on the stove, especially when canning. Multitasking at it's most fun!

This is another batch of the Nectarine & Lime Jam.

It is so yummy and such a beautiful rose pink color when done.. Both Gene and I have picked it as our favorite so far, although the Strawberry and Lemon Preserves is high on my list too.

The sailboat is out for the summer.

The recipe comes from Food in Jars by Marissa McClellan

makes about 3 pints

5 cups pitted and chopped nectarines (about 3 lbs)
3 cups granulated sugar
Zest and juice of two limes
1 (3 oz) packet liquid pectin

combine nectarines and sugar, boil for 15-20 minutes until fruit is soft and washable with the back of a wooden spoon. I like mine chunkier, but you can use an immersion blender for a smoother texture...carefully.

add the lime juice, zest and pectin and bring to a rolling boil for  a full 5 minutes.
Remove from heat, ladle into prepared jars, 1/4 inch head space, wipe rims, apply lids and rings
and process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes. I have to do 20 BTW due to elevation . A perfect weaving time block!

Spinning continues on Tour de Fleece. Here is the Polworth wool all done and ready for a project.

I ended up with 415 yards. It is very soft and squishy.

And here is Songs of the River.

I'm at the end of this half, on the darker end of the scale. I will spin the second bobbin exactly the same and the plied yarn should preserve the beautiful color gradation.

Did That Just Happen?

I don't know about you but I'm wondering if Boris and Natasha and Moose and Squirrel were in that meeting with Trumpy Jr. too last June.

I shamelessly hope the Orange Cheeto will have a health crisis. I know it's not good karma, but I'm betting I am not alone. I consumed this report kind of like...popcorn, the healthy kind.

So now it is "Made in America" week. How many things does the Trump royal family have made here? Not too much.

And lastly, it's not just pipelines that threaten our national parks and native cultures. Let's talk about mining shall we?

Parting shot: Waiting in the belly rub line.


Peg Cherre said...

Ok, so what, exactly, are 'cut on sleeves?' Never heard that term before. Obviously not a set in sleeve. Does it mean you cut the sleeve as part of the body? If so, I've never had those things fit me well, either.

The Polworth is beee-u-tiful!

Sending belly rubs to the pooches.

Theresa said...

Peg, That's exactly it, the sleeve and body are cut as one piece. I'm loving the Polworth too. Belly rubs doled out with abandon.

Susan said...

Oh, those cute little bellies! I have to be careful about styles - I have no waist, more like a tube. I don't know how I missed that jam recipe (it's my favorite canning book) but I am going to make up for it! I have my voodoo doll resplendent with orange hair and LOTS of pins...

Cindie said...

Those cut in sleeves sure create a lot of bulk under the arm...unless it's a tiny little cap sleeve, then it seems to work well.

Hmm, Martha Stewart's American Made has been promoting American small business for quite a while now. I've never thought about where her brand comes from but at least she's ok in comparison to the orange cheeto (love that name)

Theresa said...

Susan, Page 33. Ooohh, I never thought of a voodoo doll. I LIKE it!

Cindie, It is a smallish short sleeve, it just does nothing for my broad shoulders or the bust line and goes south the further down you go. I certainly don't need gathering right at the belly. It had an old sad maternity vibe going on for me.....

Anonymous said...

Cut in sleeves remind me of the days when I designed period correct Renaissance chemises to wear. Lots of trouble for a very uncomfortable wear. Sending lots of pets to the crew.

Cindie said...

Another thought - I wonder how that Webster Tunic would work with handwoven fabric??? I'd guess the asymmetrical one would work with handwovens but you need more fabric for that one.

Judy said...

Wonderful clothes sewing and I really like that asymmetrical tunic pattern. Having a portable loom to move around the house is rather awesome, isn't it? Lovely spinning and your Polwarth looks so nice and soft. I love that wool to work with.

The political stuff? It's hard for me to read what you wrote. I feel like every day there's a constant bombardment from all around us of negativity and lack of civility.

It's your blog, and you can say whatever you want, but I'm going to be passing on the political posts.

Take care,

Michelle said...

Yeah, I went all political on FB this morning; will probably get some strong push-back from friends and family who are staunch Republicans (which I said had become the "heartless, soulless party"). But sometimes I just can't contain it any longer!

LA said...

Summer jams and jellies are especially nice in the winter...they bring such sweet memories! Your lovely yarn is a great example of Made In America!!!!

Theresa said...

LA, Yep, opening a jar of summer made jam in January is like a little cheering squad you sent into the future for those dark winter days!

Michelle, I've been going off on Facebook for months myself.

Judy, Yes, having the BW and the Pup means a lot of fun weaving since they are rollable, especially in summer. Not everyone wants to read the politics and these days I feel it so necessary since so much of our democracy seems to be under assault. I do try to give it a clear heading so that those who wish can skip right to Parting Shots. And yes, at this point in time I can still say what I want on my blog, thank god.

Cindie, The Webster might get a little fussy with handwoven. The neck and armholes are finished by using a full facing. Now the asymmetrical one does use more fabric, but remember my version shown has sleeves. The original is sleeveless.

Martha, Pets received and welcomed! I've made my fair share of faire garb and little of it was comfortable, but the grown-up version of dress up is still fun!

Deborah Hillyer said...

I loved for the Indigo Junction pattern but could not find the one that you made. Does the pattern have another name? Thank you for your blog, I enjoy reding about your sewing and the recipes and love the additional commentary. Deb

Theresa said...

Deb, I have modified the IJ pattern by adding sleeves. Here is a link for the original pattern:

Thank you for stopping by and commenting!