Saturday, June 10, 2017

Restorative Powers

Sick dogs, equal long nights and days. Stella, who has been diagnosed with a late onset seizure disorder (epilepsy), is actually doing quite well on a single small daily dose of phenobarbital. But it was too many nights of being woken up by a seizing dog and the worry that accounted for numerous sleepless nights while we ruled out some other things like her antihistamines for allergies.

Then Jack decided last week that he would dig a bit under the fence for some grass to chew and a mushroom. Well needless to say by the next morning he was in the full effects of mushroom poisoning.
I didn't know the cause at the time but some investigative work while we waited for the vet to open found the culprit, because there was a second one out of reach right next to his new dig site.
Jack has an angel watching over him. While he had a day of exhibiting neurological symptoms thankfully his liver and kidney functions were not affected. He earned himself a day at the vet on IV fluids ( and a collar of shame to keep him from pulling out the catheter), some activated charcoal and lots of pets and attention from the staff. I earned a big bill (much better than a dead dog!), and Gene got to weed whack the whole pen perimeter outside. Who knew that mushroom was even there?

Feeling back to normal on Wednesday.
Jack did and with our wet spring season we wanted to make sure there were no more of them.

I will admit Wednesday I was exhausted. It happens. We spent the day napping. No sewing, no weaving a bit of spinning and lots of dozing. The restorative powers of sleep work for everybody. By Thursday it was up early for Mom/market/shopping and in the afternoon gardening, another activity with restorative powers.

Over last weekend I did indeed act on doing large pots for hard areas.

Garden things that came from my Dads lovely little garden (like the tall cat in the background) were put in place.

And the sleeping cat I had bought him for a Father's Day gift two years ago.

 Tears too have restorative powers. There is an added a surprise. When I went to Legends Pottery Outlet I noticed a big Buddha in the clearance section. The little top crown piece had been cracked and epoxied back on. I can live with that for a 65% discount...easily.

 He came home with me, belted in the back seat. I will admit I like garden stuff. This gnome made the trip in the Subaru from the garden show back in May. He looks perfect next to the newly planted Plum Yew. The bird bath is the busiest place in the garden. I have two but this is everyones favorite.

 For the most part the garden thrives, it gets jungle like and makes me smile when I pass it. Many little hidden treasures.

All white Columbine

It is enough, more than enough to see my little cottage jungle to make me grateful for lives big and small, here and gone.

No DTJH. We all know what an important week it was on both the national and international stage.
Keep an eye on the healthcare bill. The senate GOP is up to no good. Oh and Dodd-Frank......

Parting shots: Beautiful dreamers.


  1. The garden looks so inviting...I know you are enjoying it. I often have rings of mushrooms that come up after a rain! I just keep my distance! So sorry that Jack found them. Poor Stella...I hate to hear that she's having seizures. It really just knocks the stuffing out of them.

  2. Glad your doggies are OK, always scary when bad things happen to them. Your garden is lovely, and I love the Buddha, such a great deal you got, and just a reminder that we all have our little imperfections.

  3. So glad all are still around to give you kisses!!! Your garden space is very special, just like your home interior. Common denominator? Your aesthetics!

  4. SOOOOO GLAD the pups are okay! What a scare! Good thing they have such loving parents.

    And when I come to visit, we'll spend lots of time sitting in the garden with iced tea, just enjoying the beauty.

  5. Not a good week at your house - so glad all are doing well now.

    Love your garden and all the new finds from Legends. I keep meaning to stop there to find a few special pieces. There's also that guy at our grower's market too.

  6. Beautiful dreamers indeed! Very sorry to hear that both Stella and Jack had a bad week, but are both doing well now. Love the new Buddha in your garden, what an awesome setting for some peace and reflective meditation. Pets and hugs for the entire crew.

  7. I'm so sorry about your dogs and yes, the vet bill is certainly better than a dead dog. I'm taking this as a warning as I've seen mushrooms pop up in the lawn occasionally and Sammie loves 'shrooms. Love your yard, very inviting!

  8. Aw, so sorry to hear your pups have had problems. Huzzah for good vet care!

    Love your garden. Have to say that the rocks and cats are a favorite. :)

  9. No matter how hard you try, you can never keep them totally safe! I am so glad it turned out well, though. Such a lot of stress for you. I love your garden - it made me realize how few surprises I have in mine.

  10. Glad your pups are ok. Who knew about the mushrooms?? Will have to check my yard! I've had plenty of vet bills lately - no need for more.

    I love surprises in gardens too. My favorite at the moment are two little monsters carrying off a garden gnome. I move them around.

    I'm a different Leigh (than above). I'm in Portland and sortof a lurker. My in-laws lived in Medford until my FIL and BIL passed. My MIL now lives next door to us in Portland. She is now lunch-lady for our two corgis.

  11. Leigh in OR, Those two corgis must love having their own lunch lady! I've seen those monsters and gnome...where though?

    Susan, Time to treat yourself to a summer garden surprise or two I'd say!

    Leigh, Those big rocks make good hiding places for garden snakes and lizards. I have a few toads out there too. I am lucky to have such a wonderful vet.

    Sharon, Assume all mushrooms all poison here.

    Martha, I love the Buddha too. Just so know, Jack got lots of pets from his cyber Auntie Martha and appreciated them. Queen Stella thought them her due. ;-)

    Cindie, Really Legends is awesome and the prices are very good. I might head back there for a couple more deck pots......

    Peg, I can't tell you how thankful we are and I'll do my best with iced tea, but I make a mean iced coffee! :-)

    Michelle, LOL, my garden approach is to stick it in the ground and see if it grows. I did pull all the lavender out this year. Too wet for it to really thrive since most other plants want more water and less sun.

    Anna, Good to see you! It was quite a scare and so glad to be on the other side of it all.
    The garden certainly has gotten its fair share of water this last weekend. We need some warming sunny days, so the Buddha says!

    LA, Oh yes, we occasionally get fairy rings around the property but they have never been near the dog pen. Jack is far to resourceful for his own good! Stella is feeling VG and has not had a seizure on the low dose far. Thanks for the green bean tip!

  12. So glad Jack made it, with only an uncomfortable day at the vet. Bandit developed epilepsy also in her later years...we did not treat it as she only had one seizure that I observed. Glad to be catching up with you via the blog.