Friday, June 2, 2017

It's All Just Coming Up Covfefe and a Giveaway

You know I haven't enjoyed a made up word as much as that one since I was like 8. And it's probably the only somewhat silly thing that has happened in the last 10 days or so. But we'll save that all for a few paragraphs down.

The weather has finally turned spring/summer like and a good portion of the last weekend were spent doing some sprucing up in the garden. Oh heavens, it needs MUCH more sprucing but it will have to get by with what I can offer up when. I have a few areas that refuse to nurture anything long term.
We have an amazing large garden pottery outlet in Central Point. I have decided to combine the two and put some lovely pots in those places and do some showy annuals. More on that when we pull that idea together in the physical plane.

I have done a lot of spinning, a fair amount of weaving and a little sewing. The pillowcase warp is pretty boring, all natural colored and moves slowly. I am still in love with the stars black and white warp and might venture another at some point using different colors. A bit of sparkle maybe?

A couple of split back tops have moved from cutting baskets to wearable as has the linen cotton fox tunic.

 That one actually got worn and then has been packed away for the fall and winter. It's summer, time to lighten up, wear flip-flops and straw hats. I'm all in.

This top is a very light smooth linen and I had a little fun with this white and silver half meter I think of special fabric I've had in stash.

And this second one in my new favorite cross weave cotton fabric from Moda. I had been just itching to use this cute dog print in the wild colors.

 The berry colored fabric was a perfect match.

I treated myself to some beautiful coasters that another weaver created. Thistle Rose had these in her Etsy shop and I just fell in love with the colors.

 They are spread through the house (4 in all), master weaver  and blog pal, Martha!
in appropriate places and every time I use one, I think of

On the spinning wheel I finished up the camel/merino and merino/silk and plied them together for a heavy fingering yarn, so soft and light and with a nice sheen.

 This has just been skeined but not soaked. There is a second bobbin that needs to be skeined up and then they will be soaked and let to dry. These likely will be up for giveaway soon.

There is a hand dyed Polworth roving being spun now.

 It was a Fat Cat Knits club offering and I am finally getting on it to spin. And that brings me to the giveaway today. A kitchen sink batt of fibers from Fat Cat Knits that I will never get to

 and a bunch of cotton sliver.

 Good grief, what was I thinking? Spinning cotton is not for me, not on any wheel. Of course if you want to give it a go, free is a pretty good price to give it a try and the colors are quite lovely!

Rules are simple. Mention in the comments that you want to be in the giveaway and what roving is your preference. You may not get it, but you will get one if you are the second and last name picked. I will need an addy when I contact you. I only ask that you take some time (or money or supplies) and pay it forward to a cause near and dear to your heart. I myself donate regularly to local animal shelters and this past year have kicked in heavily to a hardship fund at my veterinarian for family's who love their pets but have been blindsided by high costs. I'll announce the winners next Monday.

Did that Just Happen? ( Or Maybe Spitting Mad might be more appropriate).

I just can't believe our idiot in chief gave up a seat at the table on climate change. What a jerk.
I am however heartened to see Mayors and Governors and CEO's step up and take up the cause.
Paul Ryan (is it me or does he look like Eddie Munster?), and the House should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up to the Covfefe on this one. Can't we remove his orange highness since he is obviously not acting in our best interests here or globally?

And then of course, there is Medicaid or not?

Russia Baby, it is not going away and in fact this whole thing looks like it's going to blow wide open and go straight to the top. Even Putin is hinting that Patriotic Russians may have had a hand in helping the Orange one to win. It looks like removing sanctions was the end result of that help. Quid pro quo.
Another latin phrase that fits is Cui bono...for whose benefit?

And finally, who doesn't love a good laugh. Some of the best Covfefe tweets.

Parting shot: Stella got stung and her face swelled up. After a trip to the vet for a shot, she was tucked in the chair behind me while I was band weaving.


  1. I really like that split back on your tunics. Is that a pattern or did you make it up? It is an interesting design detail, and quite practical, I think.

  2. Love your white and silver top. So light, so airy, so cool looking on a hot summer day. Please put my name into the draw for "the kitchen sink full of wool roving". Thanks

  3. I've enjoyed your blog for a long time, but the Did That Just Happen comments take the prize. Love your views on all that! I've wanted to spin cotton for a long time and just never got around to finding any. Yours would find a good home here.

  4. I'm not up for either of your generous giveaways this time, just popped in to say Happy Covfefe!

  5. Thank you for the shout out, I am very pleased to hear you are enjoying the handwoven coasters. Love, love love the new split back tops - the white version is my favorite. Poor Stella, bees are never fun to tangle with. Hugs for the crew!

  6. Since I have so much fiber of my own that needs spinning, I'll leave those for someone else to win. I'll wait for your lovely yarn; I finished the cowl from my smooshy winnings and am waiting to hear from the pattern's designer on whether I can give it to the person who makes the biggest donation to Homeward Bound Pets. (If I can't, I'll donate it to their gift shop this fall.)

    Love your pots idea!!

  7. I think tucking Stella in behind you was a perfect set-up! After all, they just "long to be close to you!" I will admit that I love the fibers from Fat Cat Knits. What lovely colors!!!

  8. No need for more spinning fiber but just wanted to say I enjoyed seeing your latest creations from the sewing studio.

    Poor Stella - bee stings are real ouchies.

    I don't think you'll ever lack for postings for 'Did that just happen?' during this administration. Hoping it will all implode.

  9. Cindie, Should our country return to some form of normalcy, I'll drop the DTJH.

    LA, She thought the chair sharing just perfect too. Robin would have liked to shoe horn in but there was no room and Stella let him know!
    Michelle, And the yarn is pretty lovely feeling I must say. Pot shopping Sunday!
    TR Martha, A well deserved shout out I might add. We think the sting might have been a scorpion, or a reaction to an overnight dormant yellow jacket.
    Peg, May the Covfefe be with you!
    Carol, Thanks for commenting and thank you for stopping in regularly! Cotton sliver love duly noted.
    Babsox, That linen IS lovely. I'm glad I had just the right pattern for it since I doubt I'll ever see it again. The berry one will get more wear due to color though....
    Martha, I saw a pattern on Easy with similar detail and just redraft a Grainline Scout tee back to accommodate the split back.It provides a nice way to showcase small amounts of special fabrics.

  10. At least Paris won't be as easy to get out of as was his escaping military service. Good luck to all the spinners.

  11. I love the pattern of the summer linen top......did you make that one up??