Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I know what you are thinking. I'm talking about quilted cover-ups! Lovely, fantastic, beautiful quilts all displayed at the Rogue Vally Piecemakers show. Friend Cindie and I met up for some oh'ing and ah'ing, some shopping and lunch. A perfect Friday really. I find it interesting that Cindie and I had few duplicates on the pics we took. Most notably the cat and mouse quilt and the interesting Dresden plate quilt. Pics of those are on her blog right here plus a whole bunch of others. This quilt show is always worthy of a full color catalogue, but alas they don't do one. Without further ado, here are some of the quilts that tickled my fancy!

Such perfect points on this compass quilt!

The wings on these hummers are so beautifully pieced!

 Out of all of them, this one was my favorite, the one I voted for as crowd favorite. Wonder if it won?

 And of course, some handmade gems came home with me. Fabrics of course, more on that later, and a set of 4 beautiful placemats. Here you see back and front.

And two adorable and simple flannel baby quilts. Perfect JRT size. Here is one in use.

Last week also saw the Firewise program make it to our house after being on the list for at least 2 years.

Our volunteer fire department has gotten the community together for a number of years in this program and ODF uses it to call their crews back and get them on the payroll while doing some amazing clearing and brush work for fire season preparedness. The window is short though, once they call fire season this work stops until next year

We have a beautiful defensible 100 feet around our house and our driveway has been limbed up. A crew of about 8 spent basically 10 hours with saws and a chipper.

Did That Just Happen?
I don't know about you, but this latest news cycle that started with the FBI director being fired while involved with an active WH investigation and has now gone moved onto serious intelligence leaks done by our bragging idiot of a POTUS has exhausted me. There is no rest though if you are poor or needy.
The GOP is an their own assault mission. Texas is out to get you if you are part of the LGBT community. And Obamacare is being slowly and effectively eroded while we are looking elsewhere at this freaking slow motion multiple pronged crisis in our country. This president must go and he should take most of the GOP with him. Such hate for people who are not wealthy or white.
But there is a little levity to share. Sean Spicer can come to hide out in a shrub near you!

Parting shot: The best seat in the house.


  1. That must have been a wonderful show. I love the picture of the baby quilt in action - sweetie... What a great service to offer people who are at risk. I have so much admiration for firefighters - all of our are volunteer, as are most of the small surrounding communities. I continue to be amazed and horrified at the actions of the Idiot in Charge. I don't know why I am amazed, though. Not once has he shown any intelligence or good sense. I'm with you - about 90% of the yahoos in the WH and on Capital Hill need to vacate. They are like a cancer.

  2. I love that you post your political feelings. I feel the nation is so sick with and our mental health will improve 100% when they are gone. Racists rich white men--bleh-I've had enough of these selfish toads.

  3. Spicer in the bushes, or KellyAnn talking from my microwave....it's a carnival of freaks!!!! But, those quilts are works of art...just what you needed to refresh your soul.

  4. I so agree.....he has to go. Please, let it happen soon.

  5. I am in awe of contemporary quilt making and the impossibly beautiful quilts that are showing up. We have a big quilt show here in Sisters. As for the Donald, if he's impeached it will be Pence and he's no prize.

  6. Sharon, The Sisters quilt show is quite the event I hear. I've never been but I have made it to Houston's International QS a number of times. I think Pence should go to. Leaves us with Eddie Munster Ryan, but it can't be helped/ Cripple the GOP in 2018.

    Hilary, I'm all for right now!

    LA, Can you believe they brought back KellyAnn. Listening to her is like having an auditory root canal.

    Tobie, In these times you just have to speak up, get up and be proactive. There are so many horrible awful things going on.

    Susan, Gene is the fire chief of our volunteer force up here, which means he never actually has time to do stuff at our place. I will say about the asshats in DC. Our two senators, Merkely and Wyden are awesome and OR is proud to have them represent us. Walden OTOH, can go to hell...

  7. I sure hope this isn't the year you NEED that defensible firebreak around your house! "Auditory root canal" – LOVE it!

  8. Michelle, ME TOO! Finger's crossed this is a quiet fire season. Gene was in on the SW ODF fire season meeting. They are thinking it might be a wetter year but more thunder storms....