Monday, May 8, 2017

Contain Yourself!

I love well made useful containers of all stripes. How about you? There are always gewgaws and doodads from hobbies that need to be corralled. Mobile projects stuffed into bags and boxes to take along to appointments that promise lengthy wait times or to just have something for your hands to do while your mind takes flight in the sunlight from your outside deck chair.

So I'm showcasing some of the new pretties that are doing duty in my somewhat organized little corner of the world.

This box was found at a friends "clean out the house for selling" sale.

 Made in India a long while ago, covered in woven fabric and hand printed. The vestiges of holding something sparkly still apparent on the inside, it holds buttons now. A little treasure chest of ideas.

And this looks like it would hold something and it does.

It's a little Sidewinder for winding sewing machine bobbins. I can't believe how cheaply these are made, but it gets the job done, so far.

For Christmas last year I was given a beautiful Maker's Bag and found it perfect for holding projects or hanging off looms or keeping extra spinning wheel bobbins together and dust free. I said I was going to get another one some day and I did.

This again was made by Susie owner of Cheerio Textles. She makes all sorts of wonderful things and is quick to respond to inquiries via her Facebook page.

While at the local Jackson County garden/plant show this weekend, I picked up this beautiful basket to hold inkle loom stuff.

 It fits nicely on the Leclerc Cendrel and is keeping all sorts of little inkle extras handy. It was purchased from B&B Market Baskets. I got a cute sunhat from them too.

Lastly, this little pouch from Russia.

 This handsome leather Polar Bear is just waiting for his assignment. Maybe knitting accessories, or ? For now he sits on my dresser, making me happy whenever I see him. So beautifully made too. There were many wonderful things to choose from. Have a look yourself!

I want to thank each and everyone who took the time to leave a comment of comfort and support,  privately and on my blog on Marigold's passing. It was a tough week and your kindness and sympathy eased our burden greatly.  Hugs to all of you. Thank you so much!

The sewing salon did see me brooding a bit, I lost myself in a cutting frenzy and developed a new top variation using my much modified Scout Tee pattern block.

 I love this split back linen version and here is a sleeveless one.

this looks so much better in person.
 I had only ordered two yards of this cute Valorie Wells print so sleeves were out.

Again using this wonderful Moda Cross Weave cotton, another asymmetrical tunic was created.

 I had been given this adorable little Chihuahua charm and this seemed a perfect use for it

 along with some ribbon detail on the back.

Different dogs, dressed quite alike!

Little Fiona the wolf pup got her warp wound on and some threading started!

Did That Just Happen?

Let's lead with a bit of good news. France did not go for the populist candidate, voting instead to stay on a centrist course and maintain a seat at the table in the EU and NATO. Take that Putin!

The EPA is a mess and now this, the firing of scientific members of a major review board.

She's back....Sally Yates goes to the hill today and we are finally back on the ever emerging Russian collusion story.

Unless you have not bothered to pick up a paper or listen to the news, the Republicans in congress finally got through a tax cut bill for the wealthy masquerading as a health care bill. Oh my god. And worse, the Trump administration wants to stop you from protesting anything. Period.

I'd say Bread and Roses is just as important today as ever.

Parting shot: An equal opportunity cuddler.
Robin missed Marigold the most. I'm glad he paired up with Smoochie.


Anonymous said...

Love the Polar bear, what a clever idea. Smoochie and Robin look very cozy while they nap.

Michelle said...

Oh YAY; I hadn't seen or heard any news since Friday and didn't know Macron won! Putin's hackers didn't succeed THIS time; WOOT.

Peg Cherre said...

The dogs look long as a Timmy doesn't appear ;-)

Martha said...

I really enjoyed Bread and Roses. Thanks. And I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

BTW, I'm making an Urban Tunic inspired by your makes. The split back on those tops is quite cool too. Did you invent that?

Theresa said...

Martha, I didn't invent the split back. I saw it on an indie pattern somewhere, Pinterest? and like many details I see, I decided to give it a go.

Peg, Timmy was safely being guarded by Stella, although it is quite likely there was a nylabone under that pile of pups!

Michelle, We must sit back and at least enjoy the fact our lousy POTUS is a cautionary tale for the rest of the free world...

Martha, You should go see the other things they do and the leather book cover bags are amazing. I have some sweet shots of Mr. Jack recently taken. Look for them coming soon.:-)

Susan said...

Bread & Roses sure took me back - and made me wonder how we could have gotten so off-track. I thought we knew better. Love your containers - especially that B&B basket (I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for that website...I think I'll thank you.) I have a wide array of containers all over the house - you never know when you'll need one!