Thursday, January 22, 2015

Low Light

Seasonally there is a sweet spot for light and January is not it. I'm thinking April might be the nicest or May for taking pics. High summer the overhead sun can be harsh and in winter, the light is so slanted and weak it makes for challenges both in and out. I do my best but I am no photographer.

I did get my plump little pony Cooper out on Tuesday. He hasn't been out for a ride in months and as always, was just the same steady Eddy I put in the paddock late summer. He did his share of rubbernecking around, checking out everything. It has been a busy time in the woods. Before Christmas we had the car chase out of Klamath Falls, with 3 bomb throwing, drug making, lowlife suspects, two which escaped into the woods next to and behind our property. One was captured the next morning and the other still missing since that incident. There have been multiple searches over a few weekends and you can be sure the horses have been alert to the fact that the woods have been busy. Plus who knows where this jack ass is, dead or alive. There is an article here which recaps the events.
 So, we were both cautious and alert as we made our two mile loop at a dead walk on a cold sunny morning ( wearing the Landgate top I might add with treat bulging pockets...), in which the scariest thing we spied were two chattering black squirrels. Into the Woods indeed!

I cleared off the Gilmore Gem and will be prepping a warp for him this weekend. Something fun and colorful and not holiday colors! And the Murphy loom has seen some action too.

Orange and purple, although again, the light is playing tricks.

 I have an orange and turquoise one planned after this one. Beyond that, who knows what colors I'll dig out for the last towel!

In the sewing salon, a corduroy tunic is in process. I'll get pics when it is completed and then I am hoping to carve some time out this pre Superbowl weekend to get some cutting done. There are two additional Merchant & Mills patterns to test out and I sure do have some great fabrics in stash to pick from for some go to favorite patterns.

But really, this post is about the Parting Shots: The Princess and the Pea or Sleeping Beauty? I can't decide.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the scare with the criminals hiding out in your area. The horseback riding sounds wonderful-such a peaceful way to see the woods! Enjoy your sewing.

  2. So disconcerting to have something like that happen so close to home. I hope they find him soon.

    The sleepy pooch looks so cute. And I'm anxious to see the orange and turquoise combination. That's one of my favourite colour schemes.

  3. Stella snoozing is making me sleepy. Today is windy and chilly, with bright sunshine. Perfect nap weather. Give Cooper a big love as he is a steady Eddy.

  4. loving that orange and purple on the Murphy loom! and little princess and the pillows. and such excitement in your woods. Maybe the guy froze, it was cold...

  5. Stella does indeed look like the Princess and the Pea. Hopefully the missing bad guys are caught soon and you won't have to worry about them showing in your neck of the woods.

  6. Stella has her own ideas about how to make a duvet! She sure looks comfy! I'm glad you got a chance to take a little ride...the weather this time of year can be so iffy.

  7. Wonderful warm looking weaving!! They match up with the cozy shots of Stella.

    Sorry about the criminals in the woods...certainly makes for tension in a place where you normally find relaxation.

  8. Those colors would make a beautiful throw to work with my sofa...just sayin

    Stella looks like a real princess in linen.

    Good grief. Convicts. Maybe you can reread Great Expectations, it turns out well.