Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Curating Fabrics for 2015

While yards go in and out during the year, it is the January sale at Fabric of Vision I use to flesh out my modest fabric stash. I use my much anticipated gift certificate from Gene to buy the uber expensive or the higher yardages or the whimsical fabrics that just can't be justified any other way.

 This year was no different.

These look like shuttles to me!
Some I know exactly what I want to make, others are fabrics waiting for the idea to hit, but that is what  stash is all about, part working inventory and part inspiration.

Oh Deer!
And speaking of working inventory, you'll be seeing a few more of the Landgate Merchant & Mills pattern.

I made the Landgate almost as offered. I am not a hood person, so the hood was cut down into a high collar and I dispensed with the ties in the waist. Frankly I can't tell you how many times I have gotten ties and such caught on things as I go through my day and usually end up ripping them in some way.
Putting in the casing and elastic with just a hint of the waist shaping was a better solution for me
on this first "test" run.

 I have chosen to show you the garment after it has been worn, washed and dried and not ironed. Oh it might see an iron but probably not. This cotton/hemp fabric softens beautifully over time and has a fabulous drape.

This one will be worn riding, dog walking and around the barn. Those pockets will hold a lot of treats, or bobbins if I am weaving! The fit is loose and comfortable, just what you want for a lengthy session at the loom.

Also in the completed column is another of the Jacole Skinny Jeans.

I made my modifications, shortening the rise front and back by just a little, tapering the hip/thigh area and doing a much better job on the waist band. I love this waist band treatment! You can do it narrow, wide or yoga fold over style. I did mine wide, but with a thinner fabric I am likely to give the fold over one a go.

 The fabric used here is a pretty beefy cotton/spandex twill. Medium weight with excellent recovery.  The waistband is a knit that friend Mary gave me quite a while ago to try on leggings. I never made the leggings but the 60-75% stretch this offers was perfect. And the color was spot on!

There has been some weaving going on too. The warp on the Murphy moves slowly, but it does move as does the Gilmore's warp. I have gone through the Macomber and ordered parts. New aprons, some "s" hooks, the clips for the heddle shaft ends, new rubber bumpers and a cast iron arm. The left rear arm that folds up the back beams has a crack and Macomber's prices on replacement parts is so dang reasonable, it was an easy decision to make.

Weather wise it looks like another snowless year. We are hoping not, but here we are mid January and mostly dry warm weather. We need snow pack, lots of it. Rain is good but it does little for drought conditions come April, May and June when we traditionally get the slow snow runoff from higher elevations. This weekend is supposed to be a stormy one, so our fingers are crossed it will be a white one too!

Parting shot: Guardian of the Loom Room. Sleeping on the job....but that's okay. Hers is a supervisory job. We have many minions on alert....


  1. You are so prolific at the sewing machine - it's so fun to see all you sew on the blog and in person.

    I've given that sale thought but I have piles of fabric from previous sales there, from Sewing Expo, from Fabric Depot - I just don't need more with very little time to sew. I'm skipping Sewing Expo again next month for this very reason.

  2. Love that jacket – and that ornate deer fabric!

  3. Yikes those DUI (deer under the influence)! Great fabric. I love the jacket and the jeans!

  4. I LOVE how you made that jacket pattern your own! That is such a great item to have in your closet! And, with all your new fabric to play with, you're set for awhile.

  5. Some really pretty fabric, here. I quite like the deer pattern. But I especially love the guardian. ;)

  6. I have a fantasy of someday going to New York with you to shop for fabric. I can just imagine us giggling and skipping down 40th Street!

  7. Cindie, You do have a wonderful stash, of many things! We should get together for a Not at the Expo lunch!

    Michelle, The jacket pattern is just fab. I love it too. The Oh Deer fabric probably won't make a garnet appearance until spring or summer, but it is beautiful in a boho sort of way.

    lotl- so good to see you popped in for a bit. I am pretty jazzed about those skinny jeans myself. I see nice stretch cottons all the time but didn't have a great pattern for them. NOW I do!!

    LA- Lets hope I'm set for a while, but there will likely be the steady small purchases of new fabrics coming in over the coming months.

    Hilary- The guardian is just so sweet, quiet, loving and now too old to counter surf....

    Maggie, Oh yes, lots of giggling & skipping and we would probably suffer from finger burns whipping those credit cards out so quickly and often. I would be tempted to steal Swatch though at Mood...

  8. Oooo! I have fabric envy, yes I do! I was also recently eyeing the merchant and mills shirt dress pattern. I will also have to take a look at the jean pattern. Hope you get the snow. It has been relatively warm and dry on the coast too.

  9. Oh yea, fabric! Really pretty, I love love the deer print, so bohemian. The legging/pants are great, I happen to think everyone should have a pair of red pants. :-)

  10. p.s. great jacket. color is so good for winter, and I love that you chopped off the hoodie. Cute!!

  11. One can never have too much fabric ;-) Great choices all around! Whimsical fabric is just fun to work with. I like your jacket and the details on it. I'm with you on not being a hood person, so the collar is a nice touch. Enjoy your new stash!!