Thursday, October 2, 2014

Successful Colonization

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. The parents and their cats arrived safely on the 18th and settled a bit in an interim cottage until their stuff arrived. Then of course, peace was shattered when the moving truck finally arrived with the furniture and the 400 hundred boxes.  So, we have all been in unpacking mode, getting things in some semblance of order so they can get up and look at their new house without wanting to crawl back under the covers. Those that have made big moves, you know what I'm talking about!

Of course, some of the stuff on the moving truck was for us to either have or store. And that creates the domino effect. For a few days both places probably looked the same, with boxes and such. I needed to get some old stuff out to make room for new old stuff. I have passed by my sewing room and waved a few times, same with the looms, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! The box load is looking pretty puny in both places and today I think I am taking my last load of booty home in the form of a dresser mirror for the newly colonized guest room.

So here is what it looks like now, with the old matching set I remember from my childhood and look, is that a loom and a spinning wheel I spy up there?

 Why it IS! And not a peep from DH either. I suspect he is just happy he doesn't have to move anymore of anything in and out.

 He has forgotten about the mirror no doubt. That needs to be brought up and put on this dresser.

 The loom and wheel like to be in the same spot because that is the chair I like to use for both, so it made sense to move them together and of course, those that extra storage in the dressers is perfect for fibers and such. ;)

So, down in the back room this is what has taken up residence.

Yep, a Louet 12 harness, 14 treadle Spring. This is my Dad's loom and she is a beauty! There is a very long towel warp on her and I'm hoping to do a little weaving on it when the dust settles sometime later in October.

In the meantime, blogging will be sporadic at best. We need to get hay in the barn, some fencing work done, trees felled and made ready for heat this winter and the garden needs to be attended to before the real cold sets in. Fall is always the busiest time of year and this one more so. But oh my the light is so beautiful this time of year......

Parting shot: Don't forget cuddle time!


  1. I would say the colonization is going very well! Love the guest bedroom set up, nice and bright. Glad to hear that your parents are moved in and almost settled, that is a big relief for you I am sure.

    Pets for the hoard and a special pet and hug for the wonderful Jack!

  2. How nice that you have custody of the Louet! Now, you just need a little time to get to know her.

  3. Your room looks lovely and it will be a peaceful place to weave/spin. Congrats on making your way through most of the boxes. Moving is such hard work, but when you open and empty that last box it's such a good feeling. Enjoy your new loom!

  4. It's more of a "resistance is futile - you will be assimilated" sort of thing, I think! The guest room looks like a lovely space!

  5. Lovely room, and oh boy, new toys to play with!

  6. Oh, so glad it's you not me! Exhausting...I love your guest room. So peaceful. And the stenciled floors in your house. Will your Dad weave at your place or does he have another loom over his way as well?

  7. How many looms now?? I love acquiring them, but then feel bad when I can't find time to weave on them all..
    Yes, the light in October is lovely....if only it could stay longer.

  8. How nice to have your parents on the same coast as you, but no more popping into Webs!

  9. As usual...thank you for a beautiful glimpse into life in the mountains out west!!!