Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Still Spoken Here

Like almost everyone else who has had a blog for a number of years, sometimes life just gets hectic enough that regular postings fall a bit by the wayside. I like to think of them as more spread out!
Anyway, fall is always busy. I can now report a very full hay barn and some very happy horses and goats. I save the worst of the old tired stuff for the last part of summer so when the new fresh hay comes in everyone is appreciative and no one has been in heavy enough work (or any work at all this year), to have suffered from the less nutritious hay.

There is no wood cut yet this year, but that is going to happen soon now that fire season has officially
ended. I heard that there was even a dusting of snow around Crater Lake! We could use more rain though.

There has been a lot of weaving action. The warp came off the Gilmore in a flurry, was washed, serged, hemmed and taken to a guild meeting all in the space of 12 hours last Friday night and Saturday morning. The two towels I took, were deemed decent enough for the silent auction for
FOTAS at the Puss 'n Boots Ball. Not a single picture. I have a couple more towels from that warp awaiting hemming. These are the less than perfects, the ones I played with treadling stuff etc. but I will get a pic. The Gilmore is back in action though, a new warp on, 8/4 carpet warp, set at 12 epi
for holiday place mats and runners.

 I managed to get all the heddles onto shafts 5-8 easily enough,

 but for this 9 treadle tie up for some fancy little snowflakes I didn't have enough arrow pegs to finish it all.

 So until they come, there he will sit.

The gift warp saw a little action and I am thinking about doing a little weaving on the Louet Spring warp. I just need to find the cottolin in the Dad stash. Oh and time, I really need a few more hours in the days, but who doesn't?

In the sewing room, there is a fair amount of things cut and waiting sewing time. I did manage to finish one cute tent top in a great fallish polka dot.

 Oh and some of those dots are cute little sheep.

 Who could resist that? Not me and it is a smooth well woven and full bodied Japanese cotton. I have done this top pattern two ways, all in one piece front and back and also with a center angled panel front and back. I think the additional panel one has better drape and fit and I will do this exaggerated A line top that way hence forth. The brown and cream twill pants underneath are still in process.

Slowly a schedule is carving itself out. My parents are starting to settle in. Mom has a balance and strength class she attends a couple of times a week, a singing group on Saturdays and we go shopping on Wednesday mornings. Dad is busy with stuff too, more than I can keep track of. We go to the Grower's Market together on Thursday mornings. It is nice having them close! Different too.

So that about fills in the last week, along with getting some winnings packed up. :)

Parting shot: Goldenstuffed chair.


  1. Wish we could send you a little of our rain. This week we had over 5" and weather is starting to cool down. Love the golden stuffed chair. You are so lucky to have your parents close by. I never got to live close to mine.
    Good to hear from you.

  2. You had me running to the Strickler book to see those snowflakes...that is going to be fun. I'm glad all your critters are doing well...the cooler weather always seems to agree with them.

  3. Busy, and happy! I am looking forward to seeing some snowflakes (weaving style), some photos of the goats and horses, and more sewing pics. I have been focusing on my house and my sewing has suffered. I did serge a set of pillowcases, to use up more stash. I'm down to 2 shelves, maybe less. I love the sheep and dots fabric.

  4. Love the polka dots and sheep - what a find!

    Give Marigold a hug for me!

  5. Good to hear your parents are getting settled in to their new life, and yes, it is nice to have family close, enjoy every minute. Love the new top also!!!

  6. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and posting because I only just discovered your treasure of a blog. I love seeing your beautiful photos of your garden and native animals which are so different to where I live in Australia. I love the tops you sew - you inspired my last sewing project of a bright cheery tunic. Most of all I love your dogs - I confess to a favourite Jack with his cheeky grin -how could someone not love that although little Stella and her timmy balls make me smile. You must be very patient to retrieve those balls several times a day.

  7. Janine-What a pretty name BTW! Thank you for the compliments especially those about cheeky sneaky Jacks. ;) The secret to Timmy rescues, having more than one, many more than one...

    Anna, It IS nice that they are settling well!

    Cindie, Hugs have been dispensed in your honor.

    Mary, I am too. I hope I can pull these off on this loom. I shopped at the Webster's today for something special and sparkly in the yarn department for those snowflakes. The horses are picture worthy these days with the curls coming in. Maybe some snaps today!

    LA- I should have named the Strickler book, you obviously know it though...;)

    SH&N, Good to hear from you too from the land of many faced pumpkins! I am enjoying the closeness of family after about 20 years of being states apart.

  8. What a cute polka dot print!!!
    Love the parting Golden shots :)

  9. So much work in preparation for winter but so happy that the folks and Marigold are settling in well. Your looms amaze is another language completely...your brain must be so organized!