Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Domino Effect

Oh yes, this runs rampant in our house and thanks to friend Mary and a wonderful gift, it has caused quite the effect felt round the house. After a winter of warm weather travels down south,
Mary arrived back in Oregon with some great news. Her and hubby had bought a place in AZ and the present house was hitting the market. Would I like that mid century dresser I had been drooling over?

 Hell yes! We'll just pack that sucker in the Subaru when I come for a visit, and so we did. I will say that getting it from basement through garage to back of car was WAY easier than Gene and I lugging it up 2 flights of stairs, one with a corner landing. But it arrived in it's new digs just fine and looks fantastic.

 Thank you Mary AND Ross, so very much!

 The problem of course then becomes what to do with the old dresser? Since I'm at it, a few things need to be moved around the bedroom anyway. So out came the old dresser and the Ladybug spinning wheel, the chair I like and of course, spinning fiber. The lamb dresser moved to the weaving studio to hold loom stuff.

Lots of AVL bobbins, pegs and bars, spare parts, weights etc. Other drawers hold general stuff, shuttles, texsolv, manuals and I should probably make room for the temples hanging around on the open shelves here.

 So that meant that the table that provided some counter space in the weaving studio had to go somewhere. It ventured out into the back room where the Delta is living. Took the place of the little nightstand.

 Oh and the bed had to be moved around and might as well get the loom into a position that allows one to warp it and weave on it. Nice sunny place for the spinning wheel and chair too.

 The bottom shelf on that table will provide fiber storage. The only thing that hasn't found a new home, of course is the old nightstand. It will go to the furniture warehouse in the basement. You never know when it will be resurrected again, happens all the time around here.

So when I haven't been moving furniture or cleaning out and refilling drawers, I have been doing a little weaving on Sal. Looks like something that should grace a bordello in pink and red, but it is what it is. If anyone has a suggestion on a color to put with that pink, PLEASE let me know. BTW, a yellow-green is a no go with this. :)

A good deal of time has been spent in the garden, getting the weeds knocked back, looking at plants that took a heavy frost hit last week and pulling stuff that just didn't make it.

 There is a lot of life out there though and I am so thrilled to report that my much loved dark blue Salvia's have come back. There is new growth under the mulch. I peeked. But for right now, this is what we've got to show in our spring garden.



Lady's Mantle


Arctic Willow

 The temps have been riding in the low to mid 60's this week, drying things out and warming them up.

No sewing go on, but a few things have been cut and are waiting for some free time. The back door is open for the dogs to come and go to the pen as they please, clothes are line drying and the breezes through the house are soft and warm right now. Oh and I saw a hummingbird, a beautiful little Anna's male. As lovely as it is, we are hoping there is still more rain in our future, warm rain of course. ;)

Parting shots: Cat like Jack, captivated by twittering birds and sunshine.


  1. Love your home Theresa, it is warm and welcoming!

    Maybe you might try a dark purple weft with the pink warp or how about a very bright lime green?

    Jack, you are adorable as always and look very handsome in your new collar.

  2. I'm still watching for the first hummingbird....the feeder went out last week. Isn't it fun to move things a whole new look the room that motivates you!

  3. I am pleased my dresser made itself at home. Wonderful garden shots, and jack looks so pleased with himself.

  4. Great dresser! Everything is looking so great, even the pink warp. I'm not a fan of pink either, but I'd go for the pink and black any day Navy blue would look good too. Love reading your blog - thanks for keeping it!

  5. What a great sunny morning you had there! I love the dresser, I have the same problem with furniture!

    Your Jack is very much similar in appearance to my Jack just without all the hair!

  6. Oh that room with the loom by the window is just lovely.. so sunny and bright. And your Jack.. adorable.

  7. Hi Theresa, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  8. Chris, Thank you and welcome!

    Hilary, It is a wonderful little space and Jack is a great little dog. Smart,opinionated and quite busy. What's not to love?!

    LOTL, It is proving to be a wonderful dresser, it holds so much! Wonder if all Jacks think alike? Your little guy certainly is a handsome one with his long fur.

    Unknown, I have dark blue and dark green to try out.

    Mary, Jack is almost always pleased with himself!

    Michelle, Thank you. He's better in real life. ;)

    LA: I love moving things about and you're right, gives everything a fresh perspective.

    Martha, LOL, sometimes I just see my home as a jumble of stuff. The floors sure do take a beating but thank you! Dark Purple is a great idea. I'll have to see if I have some. BTW, I do pass all compliments on, so I'll let Jack know you think him dashing.