Monday, April 28, 2014

Off the Loom

Friday afternoon I pulled the runner off the loom.

 The ends are serged but nothing else is done yet. I am still deciding if I want a plain hem or a fabric bias binding. The warp on Big Sal has been brought forward and re tensioned as much as possible. It still won't be perfect, I don't think I have the trick of this sticky beam yet, but it will likely be better.

 It is, after all, my time to play with this big new toy, try out color suggestions and plan the next warp! And speaking of warps, a new one is in prep for the Louet Delta. This is the start of bundle two of two.( And if anyone wants to know, I love my warping mill now that I have gotten comfortable with using it).

 The first one is waiting on the back beam for its twin. And I am not going to divulge what it is going to be as it is a large part gift weaving and a small part, donation weaving. That of course means I am under a deadline, not my strong suit but we'll hopefully "shuttle" through.

The weather, which has been pretty dreary and wet for the last couple of weeks, is expected to do a 180. We are going to go from the cold,raw damp spring to the almost summer spring with temps getting into the high 70's this week. Perfect for working in the back room where the Delta lives. Good thing since I have 408 plus ends of 10/2 perle cotton to warp, thread and sley.

Traditionally, I have been in MA visiting my folks at this time. But this year is different. I went to visit in Jan/Feb and we decided since Convergence is in the Northeast this year, I would make my exodus to the homeland in July and we would go to it. Boy, summer air fares certainly aren't as friendly as those spring ones, but it is all doable and I'm pretty excited about being in New England in the summer for once.
The clam shacks will be open.....;)

Sewing has been pretty quiet. I have had a couple of things to do for others and that is almost done. I did work on a vintage pattern I picked up on Etsy some time ago.

 This is a muslin and the pattern needs work but it shows promise.

 Those armhole facings are a challenge, as simple as they may look.

I lost my last post in a mishap while tinkering with the blog. Oh woe, but thank you ALL so much for the kind comments about our newest addition. He is doing very well. Peter on the other hand is day to day. He is, after all, 19 and there is no denying that he is in decline and has been for a couple of months. In the present we are catering to him as best we can. Food he likes and only that, his bed warmed and fluffed in the dryer, solo walks and lots of cuddles. I have no magic fountain of youth I can dip him in although I sure wish I did. Don't we all!

Parting shot: Stella as a super hero.....;)

This happened without human intervention, and the binding has been fixed.


  1. I like the runner! I have been less than happy with hems since they stick up when the runner lies flat. But that is the nature of a runner.

    Stella is seeking shelter from the herd. I missed the last post but can see the photo, is that a corgi? I have been hoping for a corgi for years. Maybe soon. I am thinking of adding to my family but Jack has been difficult ;0

  2. Gentle pets for Peter. Glad to hear "ears" is fitting into the pack seamlessly. Stella is and always will be my favorite Super Heroine.

  3. My AVL V Series doesn't have the sticky beam so no hints on dealing with that from me - I've always wondered how easy/hard it was to get good tension on it.

    I use my warping mill occasionally but it's a horizontal one. How does that work with your cone sitting in the center? Looks like it might be a good thing. Does it sit in there as you're spinning the mill?

    That Stella is too much.

  4. Stella! The camera loves her

  5. It looks like you ARE getting the hang of Big Sal. That pattern is lovely! That Stella is such a camera hog....and doesn't she look great!!!!

  6. LA, Thank you! I'm happy with my big old loom that's for sure and my little camera hog too.

    Mary, It does indeed.

    Cindie, The cone is actually just stored there. If I left it on the floor its chances would be about that of a squirrel with a pack of terriers.

    Martha, Thank you, gentle pets have been passed along. He had a good day yesterday, ate well and he likes "Ears". Stella wonders how she'd look in a unitard to go with that cape....

    LOTL, It is true, Stella burrows in blankets mostly to escape Robin, who usually ends up burrowed with her. Mr. "Ears" is a terrier mix of unknown origin, although there might be corgi in there. Could be Fox Terrier, could be Chihuahua and could be all of the above. ;) Maybe Jack would accept a lady. Oh and on the tunic sleeve, I think it was a pekinese.