Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stop the Madness

I am thoroughly sick of painting, but the kitchen proper is almost complete and the last bank of built-ins on the china cabinet (lower) just needs its two coats and it's DONE! It will be nice to wake up in the morning and not have to smell oil paint fumes all day. The stuff takes days to really gas out. I couldn't have done this in the winter like I had planned that's for sure.

Now all work and no play make me a dull girl. I have had some play time between coats. Unlike latex this paint takes a full 24 hours before you can do the next coat. The silk scarf is almost done and needs to get gone. I have decided to gift it and the event is coming up quickly. The wool overshot has also seen some action and with luck, that might free up loom Hollandia quite soon.

In other off painting time news, Jack, in his infinite doggy wisdom decided to eat gravel. It made him sick Saturday and after a long afternoon at the vet doing x-rays feeding him some food and then re-xraying him, it was decided he was going to pass them. He had thrown up so much he required additional fluids, so we hooked him up for spell to rehydrate, took home potassium pills and did small amounts of water/salt/ pills every half hour for a good portion of the night. I was just happy we didn't have to open him up like we had to do five years ago. It was almost deja' vu so close to the same date. We don't call him the Gold Brick for nothing

Along with weaving there has been some sewing. I wanted to make curtains for the kitchen and settled on this fabric made into lined valances.

Just need some curtain rods. I also made a very sweet little blouse from Colette's Violet pattern. I made long sleeves for mine since I prefer them and it extends the wearing season to almost all year.

There is a lot of other news but it will have to wait until another post. Off to start painting.

Parting shot: Queen of the Rock


  1. My friend's bulldog was a gravel eater....I think they had an X-ray machine named for him!!! You've been busy...can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

  2. Our last golden was a rock, not gravel, eater for her first year.....scary time, thankfully no surgery, she tossed them up.
    Love the new curtains and blouse!

  3. Congratulations on your paint progress. I can relate, having just painted ours. I'm jealous of valances have not even been started, though the painting has been done for 3-4 months.

    So sorry about Jack....

    The blouse came out cute!

  4. Glad the painting is almost over. I LOVE the curtain fabric and the blouse. Cheerful!

    My brother's rat terrier Corky has a fondness for mulch seasoned with mushrooms and has intestinal trouble due to the excess of fiber.

  5. I just went to Colette's website and bought the pattern. It is so cute! And I like the alteration of the sleeves. Think I'll do the same, maybe with some cute rounded cuffs!

  6. Poor Jack, hope he is feeling much better. Love the new blouse, very girly and cute.

    Stella, you are indeed the Queen of the Rock!

  7. Congrats on your kitchen almost being done!!

    I'm glad to hear that Jack is doing better. Maybe he'll decide that gravel doesn't really taste good....

  8. Wow - eating gravel! Glad to hear Jack is alright. Beautiful fabric for the valences and I love the blouse.

  9. You've been doing a lot for one who is painting a kitchen! Cute blouse~

  10. Woo hoo! I'm back online after 2 weeks of a lightening fried network card and no internet!

    Is there a particular reason you're using oil based paint instead of latex? You probably said it in another post, but I've missed a lot being offline.

    I'm glad Jack is okay. No fun to have an animal do something to their own health.

    Love the fabric!