Thursday, August 18, 2011

Or Maybe....

a full fold-over!

I can assure you, he is not covering any bald spots though. :)
Stella has done a fine job of keeping those little boy ears good and clean too.

Kudos Stella! You're a good big sister.


  1. Stella, ah Stella you are a good girl!

  2. You could post pictures of your dogs everyday and I would be amused. They are such smile producers.

  3. Sharon and I might have to while the painting goes on!

    I've given Stella and Robin pets from you all this morning. She is such a good girl...most of the time.

  4. So sweet - my camera would be very busy too if I had such great inspiration.

  5. My border collie, Harry, has ears that can't make up their mind either, and he's 9! When he's relaxed, they are half-prick, when it's dinner time one or the other is up and the other half mast, and when chasing the ball, they're both up. I think it's a blood pressure/excitement level thing.

    If I had time (didn't have to work), I'd be hard pressed to choose between a boxer puppy and a Jack Russel - they are so cute!!

  6. Its been such a busy summer but I'm taking time to catch up on blogs! Your pups are just the cutest little things!