Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Whole Lot of Not Much

As mentioned in the previous post the summer heat has finally arrived, although people in many parts of the country would consider it cool. We almost reached 90 on Friday and yesterday was a balmy 85. For me,anything over 70 is hot and I really slow down over 80.

The kitchen painting plan is taking shape. Next week Gene will take the knobs and handles off. One day everything will get a good scrub, the next a light roughing up and then I start in earnest on the actual painting. Colors have been picked and brushes purchased. There won't be a whole lot of cooking going on and plenty of simple sandwiches consumed for the duration. I will be grumpy, it is a given. Everyone is getting prepared except Robin, who has no clue that the center of the universe will no longer be him and his furry cohorts large and small. Jack is just happy the suitcase hasn't appeared.

We all had some fun this week though. I did some sewing and a little weaving, lots of play time with the dogs, some riding and some shopping. Gene is away camping and paragliding in CA while I hold down the fort, almost as well as he does for me in the spring.

A Simplicity shirt pattern was morphed from something just plain ill fitting on the muslin

to almost perfection.

I know the working muslin is black and hard to see. The shoulders were too wide, the empire waist no where near where it should be but hanging down almost at my natural waist after I added an inch unwisely. It looked like it needed it on the initial pattern fitting.... The sleeves channeling an outfit on Dallas (Oh god, why are they doing a remake of such an awful show), they were so tall and poofy. Changes made were to grade the pattern for my smaller shoulders. Adjust the sleeve cap width, put the Empire back in the empire waist by going with that bodice pattern piece as it was out of the envelope and add just a bit of length at the bottom of the shirt overall after adjusting the actual natural waist up to were it should be. This doesn't seem important but the flare of the bias cut lower portion wouldn't flare in the right place without doing this front and back. I love this style and wanted to make it work and did.

Not only do I have a great fitting shirt, I also have a sense of accomplishment since there were a lot of adjustments and I made them confidently...more or less. ;)

Stella spends her days looking beautiful and regal.

Robin spends them torturing Stella.

It makes everyone else happy that she is usually "It".

Parting shot: Zebra....headless of course.


  1. Stella and Robin are the cutest pair.
    Love the blouse... 3/4 sleeves for the transition from Summer to Fall.
    I'll trade you the 80F's for a few of our 90F+ plus the humidity.
    Don't work too hard on the painting!
    Susan x

  2. Great job on the blouse!! You should be very proud of that problem solving feat!!

    It's been so hot and muggy 84 degree on Wednesday felt downright balmy.

    Love the title of the post and the Stella and Robin shots.

  3. Great fitting job - shirt looks great. So, what's the little embellishment on the back collar and sleeves?

    Downright not yesterday to the west of you - air conditioner ran all day long, so glad when I could open the windows overnight.

  4. What a great shirt after you tweaked it! You are a fitting genius. Plus...don't you just love doing photo shoots of your dress form? I do. Sometimes I just make up outfits to see how they look on her. Kinda like "playing Barbies" as my girls used to say.

    Ignore the heat. Then maybe it will go away.

  5. Stella, it is high time someone else picked on you! Go Sweet Robin! Headless Zebra, ha, now that is funny. Sweet Robin is growing fast!

  6. I want to know what pattern the melon-colored top is. I want that pattern! Your dogs make me smile, every time you share them.

  7. Susan, Miss Maddie and you can keep those higher temps, but I'll try to send some cooler temps your way!

    Valerie, They are a cute pair, getting quite playful and rambunctious these days but so worth it. Thank you on the blouse.

    Cindie, the little embellishments are actually pieces of some great ribbon I've had in my stash for quite a while. I was going to put it on curtains but never did.

    LOTL, YES! it is fun playing dress up with Rhonda!
    It has finally gotten cooler.

    T&RH Robin is growing isn't he, still feels small but even I cannot deny that his collar is getting tighter and his legs longer.

    Sharon, there is a pattern link in the blog. It is Simplicity 2614.

  8. I hear you about slowing down in the heat. Even Stella looks slowed down and it wasn't so long ago when she was the bundle of eternal energy.

    I love the shirt, love the pattern, love how well you put it together. Your photos are getting quite professional looking too!

  9. Leigh, I suspect when you take as many photos as I do you are bound to get a few good ones. The dang critters never hold still although I have to admit both Stella and Robin are hams when it comes to the camera...

  10. Oooo, love the shirt. It hangs quite nicely. Weather has been just perfect here on the coast. I have complete gratitude for it when seeing the heat in the rest of the country. Stay cool!