Saturday, July 9, 2011

July? Really???

This has got to be the coolest summer on record up here. Mt. Ashland STILL has her peak top of snow and average temps here at 4500ft elevation have been below
80 degrees during the day. Downright chilly at night. Gosh, if every summer was like this I might grow rather fond of the season, bugs and all. We had two hot days and even those weren't that bad. I have been taking full advantage and doing as much riding as I can. The cool mornings have been tailor made for some long hard good rides. The high meadows are bursting with wildflowers and everything is in bloom. The dogwoods were late coming in and late to drop their petals, so it is a riot of color amongst the trees and in the fields. Cooper and Dandy tell me the grass is making for some pretty good trail munching too. One day in late June we even had a 24 hour period of rain. Unbelievable! Fire season is in swing, but not with the usual dryness. We are at moderate risk, as compared to high or very high at this time of year.

The sewing goes on as does a little weaving, I'm inching along with the silk scarf and the wool overshot. Since the only thing that is changing is the amount of rolled
completed cloth, I haven't bothered with pictures.

I did test out a new pattern.

Since the fabric I want to use is costly, I took the leftover (and very cheap) linen/rayon Kelly green blend and did a true muslin.

No finish work, no interfacing, this piece was all about fit and adjustments. It's a simple cardigan pattern with a 60's vibe. Depending on fabric, I could be channeling Jackie O with this style and a little gussying up! A short, rather fluffy Jackie O. ;) For now, the simple cream wool blend should make a great wardrobe workhorse.

There is also a silk taffeta plaid vest in progress.

This one has been taking a lot of time.
I am finishing all the seams in a false french seam and after getting it together need to draft a large portrait collar with a black silk organza back. The front closure will get a zipper. Should be an interesting and fun piece when it's completed. It was a challenge matching the plaid but I did a pretty decent job I think.

The linen shirt is complete except for buttons.

Getting some I like is one of the items on today's list.

Robin continues to delight with his winsome little personality. He has a charming temperament. I can't say enough about both pups from this set of parents. Stella most certainly takes after her mother, and Robin, his father. They are so different yet both are exceptionally low key and sensible for Russell Terriers. The key word here is terriers, Robin, like his sister, shares a love for a good dig, a rousing game of tug and lots of serious rolling around in the dirt.

Parting shots: What once was clean is dirty ...again!


LA said...

Great pictures of Robin....very JR like!!! Love that pattern! Lots of possibilities! Enjoy your cool weather!

ladyoftheloom said...

awww robin, what a cutie.

The sewing continues to put me to shame. Maybe because we are actually having a typical southern summer and I have wilted into nothingness.

Julie said...

We've had a nice cool week but the week before was in the high 90's and they say they will be back this next week.

You seem to be enjoying your sewing! I always have a hard time getting started but once I do I can't stop!

Anonymous said...

The tops are all wonderful and esp. that cool looking linen. So much puppy cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Robin's ears are the best! Love the freckles on his tummy, so petable!

Leigh said...

Robin is so cute! You're just going to have to have a new pup every year. :)

One good thing about the cooler temps and rain is hopefully the fires won't be so bad this year.


awww love the puppy! Please send some cool nites our way, it's been 105 during the day and 90 at night the A/C in my apartment hasn't stopped in a month LOL.

Judy said...

The riding sounds wonderful, especially with your cooler weather. You've done a nice job matching the plaid on your vest!

Sharon said...

Working backwards still, I see the newbie is Robin. This is kinda of fun actually.

I love your sewing posts and the linen jacket is wonderful. Sewing was my first fiber love, and I'll get back to it, but meanwhile, I love seeing what you do.