Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have no spine when it comes to beautiful fibers. None, nada, zip! Clothes, shoes, jewelry hold no interest what so ever, and it's a good thing too. Wednesday found me on the road heading over for a long planned visit with Cindie from Eweniquely Ewe, fiber maven and weaving oracle. Her inventory of fibers for sale is the stuff of legends and it didn't disappoint. OH MY GOSH! I must have had 10 different hand dyed fiber braids in my arms at one time. It was overload. I had to take a step back, breath and make cuts.

Don't think I didn't consider throwing a ton into a bin and trying to make a run for it. But I'm old and slow and let's face it, I'll want to come back to shop again another day! :)

So, what made the cut? Well, I decided to give merino another try in a blend.

This one with tussah silk and boy it feels like it will spin itself with just a little encouragement. The colorway is Sea Mist and it is luscious stuff.

Two braids of Falkland wool also made it to the car. One is called Butter cream and it's a beautiful gold-yellow semi solid .

The other is Harvest.

Just perfect for some fall spinning I think. I've never tried Falkland wool so it I'm doubly looking forward to getting this over to the wheel. If you are reading this and want some of your own, don't worry, I left plenty and here's the link to see more

These lovely items weren't the only temptations. If you read Cindie's blog you'll know she is furnishing a beach house. During one of her forays she and her husband saw this and sent me a picture, along with an offer of picking it up.

How could we resist. I mean BEAR WRESTLING is first up. I have just the spot too.
Our old kind funky foyer bench is on it's last sit, with the seat starting to fall apart. Talk about timing! Perfect Cindie and thank you for thinking of Gene and I when you saw that nifty bench.

I'll leave you all with my version of a famous film. Ours is, The Good, the Bad, and the I'll Get Real Ugly If You Try to Trim My Nails.


  1. First of all, that roving is gorgeous!

    And your caption on that last photo had me cracking up!

  2. You really need that bench, ya know! At my house, we don't skinny dip...we chunky dunk. (The years add pounds.....) I wish we could feel that looks yummy! I would love to know what the pups were watching so intently!

  3. love the bench! it's a good thing dogs can't read ;-))

  4. LA, Love the chunky dunk, it's just perfect for here too.
    Hm, what were the dogs watching. Nothing in particular. Dennett was on alert because the puppy was rather too close, and with a toy I might add. Stella was being submissive and turning her head away from D with ears back. Pogo was hiding his front feet because I got the clippers out on my desk. I got two done before he went into ugly mode, which I might add is improvement.
    Andrea, it is lovely. Cindie does a beautiful job dying her fibers, and LA it IS yummy feeling.
    Gjeani, Yes, it is a good thing because the corner of the bench says "S'mores nightly" and it ain't happening. The raccoon pic should give us a few moments of interest though. :)

  5. Very fun to have Theresa come fondle fiber. As she was pulling colorways out of the bins I was thinking "I want to spin that" - where is that big clock with the hands that move slowly around it??? I run out of hours each and every day for everything I want to do!

  6. I haven't tried silk yet but the Falkland wool is wonderful to spin.

    Cute bench!!!!

  7. Excellent choices for spinning. I agree that Falkland wool is wonderful to spin. And the merino/silk blend, yum!

    The bench is a hoot. What a find.

  8. How wonderful to have that fiber shop so close to where you live. I only get those opportunities at festivals, and maybe that's better, but I sure do love what you came home with. Love your little film crew too~

    And the work verification is whines :)