Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Funky Scarf Weaving

Before I was rudely interrupted by the loss of my weft yarn. I was actually working on the scarf. It is mostly my fault by the way. I left the ball of yarn in the bowl I keep on the floor below the bobbin winder. That's a fair amount of temptation for a youngster and it had been there since Sunday morning. I'm just happy that 1) she didn't eat it and 2) it is the stuff I can replace easily. The alpaca I got in New Hampshire two years ago and it would be a long slog to find some more.

The scarf structure is quite open as you can see.

I'm not sure how it will all hold once off the loom, but I am happy with the idea of folding it and making a cowl if I have to. Either way it will be light and pretty.

On Saturday, I bought a nifty vintage French game board at one of our local shops. It reminds me of Parcheesi, but maybe not.

Anyone care to venture a guess? How could I resist the cute little painted horse heads on the board and the playing pieces!

It was on sale too.

It will be a hectic week with all the preparations for the Greensprings Fire & Rescue Harvest Dance and silent auction. I put together two knitting baskets along with the towel donation.

One is nothing but sock yarn, the other has 3 nice books and some great Sheep Shop wool. Gene is flat out with prep work at the station and I'm following behind catching loose ends. Sort of....


  1. It sure looks like a version of Parcheesi to me! I have spent many rainy days playing that board game! The scarf is delightful...can't wait to see it come off the loom.

  2. Looks like the yarn found it's use after all!

  3. As far as I know, Parcheesi is unknown in England (don't know about France, though) - but it looks a lot like Ludo to me - which the wikipedia page says is related to Parcheesi, so...

  4. Just got back from yoga class and the yarny buddha cracks me up!!

    Stella is looking so grown up!

  5. I can't wait to see that scarf!!!
    Are you going to wet finish it?
    I would be afraid!!!

  6. I love your scarf experiment. I think it will look really neat when it's wet finished.

    I definitely think that's a French version of parcheesi. Parcheese originated somewhere else, didn't it, like India?

  7. Alison, You may have hit it right on with the game. Parcheesi has 8 spaces going to center, Ludo has the 6.
    And yes, Leigh, Parcheesi is originally from India.
    Hilary, yes, it will get wet finished, very carefully. I might sink a towel under it and then drain the sink, roll it in the towel and squeeze both out. Have to see what it does when it comes off the loom.
    LOL, yes Evelyn, I have found a use for the yarn. I was actually able to salvage some, but my Happy Buddha looks pleased to have a little bit of fringe, so it's staying there as a reminder to be a little more vigilant on where I leave my yarn!
    Valerie, she is looking grown up isn't she. Sigh...puppyhood is far too short.
    LOTL, I can't wait to see how it shakes out either!

  8. Game board is so cool!!! Is it made of wood?

    Can't wait to see your scarves!

    What great basket ideas. If I would have gone to the silent auction I'm sure all my tickets would have gone for them.

    Love Budda's "do".