Friday, June 8, 2018

Oh Put a Rug Under It!

I can make any loom creep mostly due to our hardwood floors. Both Buttercup and Nick were really lurching around on the painted floor in the back studio so I took advantage of Overstocks Memorial Day sale and bought a rug.

 If you haven't shopped for rugs online lately, plan on spending a lot of time. There are hundreds of them. This one screamed bring me home the minute I laid eyes on it.

It's bright, whimsical, off sets Buttercup to full advantage and doesn't take itself too seriously. It was also priced pretty nicely too.

And don't you know one good rug leads to another. I had grown tired of my blah sewing salon rug and figured why not have something bolder and more interesting?

 I found this one on Wayfair, also on sale and with free shipping. The old rug will get recycled into the basement like all old rugs do.

There has been a lot of weaving related stuff going on. Placemats hemmed and ready for gifts,

 new warps being woven on. I am loving these sheep towels.

They are the perfect combo of intense concentration when doing the sheep and easy and fast plain weave through the body of the towel.

Buttercup has her last rag placemat warp on, although......they are fun to weave.

 I'm thinking maybe a cotton log cabin rug run after this. Haven't decided but you can be sure she won't be warp-less for long.

I was supposed to be unveiling the new big 56" Macomber "Mongo" but due to UHaul's crappy vehicle which never made it out of Ashland Wednesday, we will all have to wait until next week when we try again. Humpf!

A few pretty new cottons made it into the salon last week too.

 There are a lot of really lovely blue's this year in the fabric lines so I guess I'm stocking up. A lightweight denim also made it into stash for about a day and is now on the sewing table being transformed into summer trousers.

I found some wonderful new project bags on Etsy, of course! These two are destined for loom parts.

The badger for the Macomber and the gnomes for the Rio Grande. The maker is here and she has some fabulous designs, all very nicely priced.

Around the farm everyone is getting into the summer vibe.

Terriers gotta dig.

Horses nap in the late morning sun.

Dogs get walked.

Dogs get compared to roasts.

Flowers bloom regardless of neglect.

And since the start of summer is always sweetest, here is a fitting song. When was the last time you heard it? I know it''s been a lotta years for me.

Parting shots: Mus relocation program. On their way to new woodsy digs.


Michelle said...

SHEEP!!! Who knew they could be woven??? That new rug is perfection with Buttercup, and Mandy has slimmed down considerably. How is your deoderant supply? I have to make some for me....

LA said...

It looks like summer camp at your place!!!LOVE the sheep towels...that's one project I have always wanted to do (only they just never make it to the top of the pile!) Enjoy!!!!!

Theresa said...

Michelle, Yes, SHEEP and I'm betting I know someone who would love a towel. ;-) There is a Summer and winter frog pattern I want to do soon too.I could use more deodorant when you get to it.

LA, close except soon the campers will be coming to rip up our hallway, foyer and kitchen floors to tile. I love the sheep towels too. I like S&W but in small doses, so these border designs are perfect for me.

Susan said...

I cannot believe those sheep towels! How do you DO that?!?! I know there's probably math involved so don't bother trying to explain it to me...are you saying that a certain doglet is akin to a rump roast? Many looks positively svelt. Between Buttercup and that beautiful new rug, it must be so much fun spending time in your studio!

Theresa said...

Susan, Believe! The sheep are adorable and I'll keep one for myself but I'll be sending the flock of them out into the world. Who knows where they will end up? Mandy is looking quite svelte and is pretty sassy too. You know it's tough to launch to tight nipping level if you're a fat torpedo. ;-)

Peg Cherre said...

I LOVE the new rug! You are correct - it's the perfect pair with Buttercup. And the dog/roast comparison is too funny. Who DOESN'T love a sheep towel. I may have to make some when I put the next towel warp on. What are you using for your pattern weft?

Theresa said...

Peg, I'm using heavy unmercerized 4/2 black cotton and Classic Elite "Seedling" in natural for the sheep.
There is a bright green stripe top and bottom and I'm using 3/2 perle cotton. Tabby weft and plain weaving is all in Brassards 8/2 cotton. I love this stuff!

mrsmole said...

OMG...if I had a rug like yours, I would never leave my sewing room...wait a minute...I rarely do anyway...ha ha But your colors are so cheerful and dramatic...WOW!

Hilary said...

Love the song, love your rugs, and esp your doggie roast.

Mary said...

Love the sheep, the mice, the rugs, the towels and on and on...Can I come for summer camp?

Theresa said...

LOL! no I'm betting you don't escape the sewing salon much at this time of year for sure!

Theresa said...

Ah yes, the doggie roast. It's been hard since Charlotte died, but life is to short not to have one of the dogs carry the nickname "Pork roast"!

Theresa said...

You may indeed, bring the big black beastie too, we'll make it a real summer camp. I have plenty of sewing machines and fabric. Care to learn to weave?

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness. Sign me up too. I love those little sheep towels. I'm going to ask if there's a pattern, but know that my weaving level is stalled at "Haven't got the RH out of the box yet". And I suspect that those little towels are not RH projects. However, in optimism and enthusiasm, I'll ask about the pattern anyway.

LOVE your little digger, and the rump roast. :)

I shopped for rugs for my studio too. So much fun, I wanted 5 studios to decorate!

Theresa said...

Leigh, The rump roast, oh MY! She prefers "tenderloin" ;-) Pretty stinking cute though. The sheep pattern is an 8 shaft/11 treadle design although you might be able to do sheep or any animal for that matter as a pick up pattern on your RH. Of course that would require removal from the box and some string. Go for it!