Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stayin' Alive

Well I suppose I could have also titled this "Saturday Night Fever" and if you need a nudge (or are much younger than I), for that ear worm here you go!

What I'm really referring to is yesterdays New England Patriots win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Now I haven't bored you with football this season, but suffice to say, there was no talk of deflated footballs ( Indy and Baltimore I have one word: karma), but it has been an injury riddled season so the Pats winning anything post season has not been a given, not by a long shot. And for the record, I really wanted to see Green Bay win last night in their divisional match up. Damn! Today we have the popcorn, beer and knitting ready for Seattle (boo hiss) vs. Carolina and Denver vs. Pittsburgh.
I don't play fantasy football, I root for teams, real teams. Today I'm rooting for Carolina and my heart is with the Steelers, they have fought so dang hard to get to post season, but like many a football fan I wouldn't mind seeing a Denver/New England match up.  This might be Peyton Manning's last year.

Okay, enough of that football interruption stuff! ;-) The Gem has a warp that has been about 2 years plus in the making. I wound this and then stuck it in a box. Looms got moved along, others arrived and this beautiful warp got forgotten until last week. It took less than two hours to have it wound on and threaded.

The next day I sleyed the reed and rounded up weft. Thankfully I had put everything together in a plastic bag. No notes of course, so I went with a dimity threading, random across the warp, some I doubled and left the treadles tied up as they were. This warp is confection of very soft merino with some sparkle, a SW merino and silk blend and a bit of cotton/merino and sparkle in the green. It's weaving up beautifully.

I also discovered that my chest at the foot of the bed is the PERFECT height for weaving on the Gem.

 That sort of thing just makes my day.

I will admit to doing a bit of last chance shopping at Fabric of Vision. While much has been sold there is still treasure to be found and these fabrics are some of my most recent purchases.

 The wild orange soft cotton knit is destined to be PJ bottoms, beyond that who knows?  There are still some beautiful fabrics to be had at FOV!

Our weather has been winter like and for that we are grateful. We have had more snow and our mountains are looking foreboding and majestic. I love driving from a greenish valley floor up into the mysteriousness of our cold and foggy grey white world.

The fog sometimes seems like a living thing swirling and shape shifting itself into things you can almost, but not quite, make out.

Parting shots: Expressions.


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

We have had no snow here in our mountains. Only a few flurries which is okay by me. I love the fabrics you bought!

Mary said...

oh, that shot of Hwy 66 is scary!

LA said...

There will always be a piece of fabric that catches the eye....I think you found some winners. I love the loom in your bedroom (there are 4 sitting in mine right now!!!)

Michelle said...

I understand the football talk more than I do the weaving talk – and I don't know THAT much about football! heh But that weaving is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your Gem, looking forward to buying one of my own sometime this year. Your new fabric stash is fantastic, one of these days I need to get back to sewing. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Jack he is such a happy little fellow.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

A Pats fan eh? Well it won't be Seattle at least not by the score I saw at half time.
I could go for a Brady/Manning match up but truth be told I think both QB's should hang it up and let the young guys move up. After all I'm sure they both have enough money to suffice the rest of their lives...
It must be heard to concentrate with the gorgeous view outside the window by the loom.
The sweetie looks content too what an expression.
Susan x

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

I meant hard to concentrate not heard!

Theresa said...

Susan, The legion of boom fizzled and that Brady Manning match-up is a go. I think Manning should get out with his neck and foot, Brady is still pretty healthy and productive.

Martha, I'm rather in love with my Gem too, but not as much as old brown eyes Jack.

Michelle, HD tv has done more for football and hockey than anything else. One can actually "see" the plays.

LA, Yes, there is more wonderful fabric than you can shake a stick at. That was quite the asst. too. The cottons at 50% are for muslins, very cute muslins! 4 looms in your bedroom! Wow!!

Mary, I'm so use to it now but yes, there are some pretty scary places.

Louise, Were you moving? Is that in the spring?
I'm feeling a little mojo coming back and cut into one of the fabrics, the little Bear and princess Tina Given's print. Sweet!

Peg Cherre said...

I really like the 'wild' orange print. Is it textured or it just looks like that?

I am impressed with how much you sew. I just wear the same clothes year after year. While I got rid of a lot of clothes with my move, the ones I kept I've had for years. I find them comfortable, hate to shop, and since I don't go anywhere, don't feel a need for new things. My daughter often disagrees and buys me clothing gifts for Christmas or my birthday.