Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Mayhem of Mattress Testing

If anything new comes into our house, it MUST pass an 8 point nose to tail inspection. There is no sneaking anything into this house, ever. I have seen at least 4 dogs sitting in front of the closet waiting to sniff a new pair of shoes. And being terriers, they won't disperse until all is deemed inspected. I bought a new mattress. Just had to be done. Frankly, it is a job worse than buying a car IMHO. In the end I went with a TempurPedic, got a great deal and was done with it no muss no fuss.
But oh my, did the inspection crew have fun with it while I was trying to snap pics of my one measly finished sewing project. Without further ado, I turn this post over to the QC.

Innocent enough and ready for QC testing

Keep your eyes on the sneaking Golden!

No rest for the sneaky here though
Look at me! Look at me! The sun rises behind my ears!!!
Background wrestling.

Oh NO, a stolen Timmy! At this point the camera stopped and the supervisor had to step in. Someone got a little short faced and there were some hurt feelings and ruffled fur that all needed to be smoothed.

30 Minutes later we were all enjoying a short nap as the new mattress passed it's intensive inspection.


  1. I'm howling with laughter!!! They are terriers, after all!!!!

  2. Very funny! Sweet dreams on your new mattress!

  3. Oh no! Robin, give Timmy back to Stella this instant! Lovely "sunrise ear shot" - it is always a treat to see your crew in action. Enjoy your new mattress - sweet dreams.

  4. Oh too funny! It looks like Marigold is fitting right in.

  5. What a chuckle. I agree, buying a mattress is right up there with buying a bra. I just looked at the Tempurpedic site - so many choices!! did you actually go and try them all? I hate stores in general, so I ordered my new mattress online and unseen - lucky me, I love it.

    Those pups are such a riot. Your household would make a great book...really touching, I love your posts.

  6. Oh my.. they're hilarious! My cats inspect new things very closely but I wouldn't have thought they could notice a new mattress in an already made bed. Too funny.

  7. love all of this!!!! I miss these furry critters.

  8. That is so cute! They are all so curious. Marigold looks quite at home now.

  9. As per usual your dogs never fail to bring a smile to my face. But tell me your secrets as to how you keep your beautiful quilts clean. I have one dog and am resigned to only having my old bedding on it for ( hopefully ) a long time.

  10. Janine, No secret, the dogs are gated off from the upstairs, so they only come up with me, after they have dropped the wet and grit in the downstairs! And of course, all bedding gets washed once a week, from tops to bottoms since I have multiples of comforters and throws for the beds. The Monday afternoon bed always looks better than the Sat or Sun bed that's for sure! :)

    Donna and Cindie-Marigold has settled in quite nicely. And such an easy going girl to live with.

    Martha-Theft happens, and believe me, we always know about the crime. A lot of snitches and whiners in this house.

    Mary, and we miss visits from you for sure!

    Hilary, there is nothing new these guys don't know about and are curious to see and sniff.

    Coco, I had one choice for the mattress, the one on sale. Certainly made it easy, it was the floor sample and we are quite happy with it.

    LA, somehow they are not always that funny, sometimes the drama gets to be a bit much, but as you say, they ARE terriers!

    Valerie, We are all enjoying the new mattress so far. It's pretty comfy!

  11. It's adorable how your dogs are the official inspectors of anything new that arrives at your home, Theresa! Anyway, I think it's good that you've finally settled on a mattress. You seem pretty excited, so I hope the mattress is as therapeutic as it sounds. Keep us posted! :)

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store